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Closet Essentials

Published:Sunday | January 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Classic meets chic, as the trench coat gets a make over in the form of a dress.
Start Spring on a fiery note in this floral wrap dress.
Denim on denim is not only flirty, it's fabulous too!
Colour your world in style with this bright bag.
Paint the town black and bold, or fall head over heels in love with this LBD.

The beginning of any year is all about throwing out the old and bringing in the new. But don't adjust your wardrobe just yet. Jennifer Azan, owner of Flirt Boutique, gives us a little retail therapy on just what to keep as some pieces are tim


The little black dress


This cannot be stressed enough, and according to Azan, "Every woman knows the struggle of choosing the right dress for any occasion at the very last-minute. A perfect LBD could always save any woman for those special occasion." She suggests having more than one, to increase the fun, such as one with straps and one without. Just be mindful to keep the length age appropriate.


The wrap dress


The wrap dress is a great wardrobe essential to have for any elegant occasion. She recommends getting them in floral prints especially during spring.


Denim on Denim


If you are into denim, Azan encourages you to style big and go bold with a denim on denim combo. "A double denim outfit is a must-try for every woman. Go for a blue chambray shirt and a denim skirt or skinny jeans," she recommends.


Bright bag


We live in the tropics right? So why not brighten your day with a bag to represent it. Azan believes that every woman should have a bright bag in their closet. "A sleek, colourful purse will complement neutrals, brights, or pastels," she said. She advises that you aim for contrast and do not match it with your clothing in the exact shade.


The trench coat dress


The traditional trench coat, Azan explained, used to be about functionality: a protective raincoat. But now it practicality knows no bounds. We have transformed this classic trend into a chic look. The trench coat dress made with lighter material makes it practical to wear in warmer weather.