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Windjammers Villa, bringing something extra to Trelawny

Published:Sunday | December 29, 2019 | 12:00 AMKareem LaTouche - Gleaner Writer
The property is laid out like a large family home.
Many guests use the pool area for socialising.
The bathroom of the queen suite.
Map of the area.
The veranda is the most relaxing place to stay.
This queen suite comfortably accommodates two persons.
The décor of the living room has a nautical theme.

Located in Silver Sands, which is along the coastal line of the lovely parish of Trelawny, is WindJammers Villa, a beach-front property.

Truth be told, this is the first time I have ventured to this section of the parish. I usually go the opposite end towards Albert Town.

“Trelawny is in between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So it’s all about tranquillity and relaxation at Windjammers Villa, which is located in a gated community. There is also a white-sand beach and the beautiful ocean,” property manager, Christina Hudson, disclosed.

The current trend among many tourists is to be more adventurous and engaging. As such, they are opting for villas like these. Due to the personal staff, there is also a more intimate experience as all the domestic needs of guests are catered to.

“The experience here is more unique when compared to a hotel. You can design your meal and drink menu to suit your budget and taste, plus you are not sharing the space with hundreds of other persons at the same time,” revealed Hudson.

Finding my way

I journeyed along Trelawny’s main road until I came up on a sign that said Duncans, and after entering the community, I saw another sign, which pointed towards Silver Sand Estate. It’s a gated community with 24-hour security and is located beside the ocean. As I passed the security post and approached the entrance of the villa, which is on an incline, the well-manicured lawn captured my eyes, along with the ‘Norbrook-esque’ architectural style.

“This is somewhere that is fit for a family or group of friends due to the design and layout. The rooms are spaced out so everyone can have some privacy and there are multiple common areas like the living room and veranda, where everyone can come together,” stated Hudson.

When I entered the living room, it felt spacious and lively with white walls and pastel furniture. In addition, much of the infrastructure is wooden, to give it a nostalgic feel. It was clear that some refurbishing had been done, without compromising the character of the building. It immediately felt like a home away from home, as the layout matched that of a country home, that is far away from the hectic city life.

Hudson continued, “we wanted this place to feel very comfortable and tropical, so we made sure the fixtures and décor reflected this. Ultimately, it should feel like an extension of your home, only this time, it’s in a paradise setting.”

There is also an nautical undertone, with marlin replicas on the wall along with instruments like a barometer.

There are four bedrooms, two king suites, a queen suite, and a twin suite. One of the king suites is located on the main building, while the other is detached and beside the pool, which is ideal for privacy. In all, the villa can accommodate eight persons comfortably and there is enough space to for a party. Complementing the facility, is a staff of three, who cook, wash and clean as is necessary.

There are indoor and outdoor dining areas, outfitted with traditional mahogany chairs designed local artisans. On the outside is the pool area, which is ideal for grilling and relaxing or having a social mingle.

For those who love the water, one of the most relaxing things is the a two-minute walk to the private beach. The sand is level and clean, and there is a bar area, a play area, and many other amenities to ensure that guests are comfortable.

Locations like these is what make me understand why tourists consider this island a paradise.

Location: Silver Sand, Trelawny.

Who is it for: large family, group of friends.

What is great: a private beach is two minutes away.

What you should try: having dinner on the veranda, while taking a panoramic view of the ocean.

Contact: , (876) 656-9329