Wed | Feb 26, 2020

Exploring social realities

Published:Sunday | February 9, 2020 | 12:10 AM

What was originally intended to be a five-episode YouTube summer series in 2019 has carved out a space for itself among Jamaicans, prompting it to be extended to seven episodes, as well as continuing the discussions beyond the airing of the YouTube videos.

Through partnership with The Gleaner’s Outlook magazine, ‘Hear Me Out’ hosts and friends Sashelle Gooden and Antonette Newell have continued to explore the social realities being faced by many Jamaicans who are dealing with mental and physical struggles alone.

The series was started and self-funded by the two friends as a social outreach project to encourage people to share their life experiences, and to encourage and inspire those who are silently trying to navigate similar circumstances. The second objective of the series is to give added visibility to entrepreneurs and businesses operating in Jamaican that add to the authenticity and positive image of Brand Jamaica.

“With all that is happening in our country, it is important for us to engage our youth, educate them to break the cycle. Let us encourage them to build, not break each other down. Let’s teach them to speak up and speak out and not bottle their emotions until it’s too much, causing an implosion and, possibly, some outburst of violence,” Gooden commented. “This is why this ambassadorship and scholarship that we are offering is important to us and absolutely necessary,” added Newell.



- Nominees must be a subscriber to Hear Me Out – Life Uncut YouTube channel and a follower of the Instagram page.

- Persons making nominations, even if you are nominating someone else, must be a subscriber to the YouTube channel and Instagram page.

- Nominees must be between the ages of 18-28 years old.

- Potential ambassadors/scholars must be currently pursuing/enrolled OR should have applied to and been accepted in the course of their choice by the time the scholarship will be announced (August 2020).


Application rules/guidelines

- Applicants must submit a two to three-minute video, sharing your vision for yourself as well as highlighting your community involvement and academic pursuits. Ensure to include how this $50,000 would be used to assist in furthering your personal goal for 2020.

- Videos will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Only the votes of YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers will be counted.


Ambassador requirements

- The ambassador will be required to participate in a community project/initiative within the one-year reign.

- Will be required to maintain a B average in school.

- Identify and advocate for social issues that will be discussed on Hear Me Out as well as assist to increase the reach of Hear Me Out – Life Uncut platforms.

If you have any questions or queries, email:, or DM us on Instagram ‘Hear Me Out- Life Uncut’.