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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | January 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Brandon Hernandez and Sara Curtis celebrated the New Year together at Appleton Estate's Midnight at Bal Harbour on New Year’s Eve at Kingston waterfront.
Gabriella Black (left) strikes a playful pose as she celebrates the New Year with Carlesa Beneby.
Malcom Henke-Brown and his wife Joanna share a kiss amidst the fireworks that officially celebrated the start of the New Year, during Appleton Estate Midnight at Bal Harbour.
Jonathan Thernodel is all smiles as he receives a kiss from the beautiful Leslie Hamilton.
Percival Clarke and his wife Murine, were incognito at the New Year’s Eve masquerade ball held at the Rose Hall Great House Theatre.
Mother and daughter duo of Amesha Whyte (left) and Icoline Stephenson, were out at the Hard Rock Cafe in Montego Bay ringing in the New Year.
From left: Grace Osburn her husband Colin; Justin Lemos and Michael Patrick, rang in New Year's Eve at Blue Beat’s Unmask – Masquerade event.


We end the week with more New Year's Eve highlights. The Kingston waterfront was the epicentre of celebrations with the UDC Fireworks at the Waterfront. Joining the party was Appleton Estate's Midnight at Bal Harbour. Today we bring you the kissing, hugging ,and celebrating, and also a peek out west.