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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | November 26, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Actress, Ashley Bratcher, of ‘Unplanned’, is in her comfort zone with producer Michael Manhardt.
The happy bunch (from left) of Yoaris Araujo, Shirley Daley, Kacy Garvey and Chriseve Bancraft Smith certainly planned this ‘Unplanned’ photo.
Ann Marie Sharpe (left) and Jennifer Jackson are excited to see what ‘Unplanned’ is all about.
Michael Manhardt, (right) Producer of ‘Unplanned’ chat with Bishop Kenneth Richards.
Georgina Phang (right) was more than happy to get in on a pic with actress Ashley Bratcher.
Eager to catch a glimpse of the movie, Ashly Thomas, flashes a bright smile before attending to the matter at hand.
Yvonne Coke was looking quite radiant in this hot number.

It was an intimate gathering that turned out at the Carib 5 Cinema in Kingston recently, when Christians United for Life, hosted the movie premiere of ‘Unplanned’. Clad in comfortable style, guests were all set and eager to see what ‘Unplanned’ had in store. Here are the social highlights.