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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | December 2, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Ladies are you ready to Roar?
Shanice Mitchell (left) and Jasmine Barrows dare to show some skin, twinning in true soca fashion.
It’s good vibe only for fêting friends (from left) Judah Brizan, Shelby Bradshaw and Ladaeyna Cunningham.
Media personality Ashley Miller exudes radiance in her Xaymaca playlist ’fit.
The lovely Felicia Winsboro wows with the winning combination of denim on denim.
Recording artiste Lia Caribe ‘issa snack’ in this hot pink number
The trendy Anna-Lisa Guthrie strutted in heels for the showing of her newest showstopping Xaymaca costume, Icy.

Ready to deliver another unforgettable experience in 2020, Xaymaca presented a splendid playlist of 15 sections to an excited wave of supporters on Friday night at the National Indoor Sports Centre. Something Extra jumped in to the fête for the exclusive. Are you road march-ready for 2020? Let’s hit ‘pause’ and release the social highlights of the Xaymacan playlist.