Sun | Apr 5, 2020

Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | February 25, 2020 | 12:16 AM
Investment advisers Jerome Hendricks (left) and Wade Hassad look dapper as they engage in a light conversation.
Ann-Dawn Young Sang (left), president and CEO at Supreme Ventures Limited, and Gail Abrahams, vice-president, marketing communications, advertising and sponsorships at Supreme Ventures Limited, brighten the room with their million-dollar smiles.
Gabrielle Waite (left), acting and planning activation officer at Supreme Ventures Limited, and Natoya Harriott, investment adviser at Mayberry Investments Ltd, both look stunning.
And red lipstick makes everything pop. Just look at investment advisers at Mayberry Investments Limited, Shanika Walter’s (right) and Keleen Osborne.
Gary Peart (left), CEO at Mayberry Investments Limited, is all ears as he engages in an intense conversation with Alok Jain, director at Mayberry Investments Limited.
Ann-Dawn Young Sang looking effortlessly stylish.
Ashley Davy (left), investment adviser, and Mikol Mortley, senior financial projects analyst, both of Mayberry Investments Limited, enjoy a spirited conversation during the night’s festivities.

The Mayberry Investor Forum is always the perfect place for insightful discussion and advice. Knutsford Court Hotel hosted Wednesdays forum with Supreme Ventures CEO Ann Dawn Young Sang, as the guest speaker. Many persons came out to partake, these are the highlights