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Keeping your car from the mechanic

Published:Sunday | May 16, 2010 | 12:00 AM

Motor vehicles are complex packages of many parts and so it demands constant attention, care and monitoring.

Unfortunately, like any machine it occasionally beaks down. These mechanical failures cause great inconvenience and expenses to the owner.

As motorists, we should monitor our vehicles to ensure they are in good working order, which will prevent us from constantly visiting the mechanic.

Ameir Johnson, a St Andrew-based mechanic, advises that motorists can handle routine maintenance by doing a number of things.

These are:

1. Examine the oils in vehicle, using the dipstick to ensure it has the correct levels.

2. Check tyres for cuts, nails, excessive or uneven wear and proper inflation.

3: Check the water level of the battery and ensure that battery terminals are clean of corrosion.

4. Air filter should be cleaned or, if required, be replaced.

5. Check the master brake cylinder for proper fluid level. If the fluid is low, check for possible leaks from the brake line or wheel cylinders.

6. Check windshield wipers for wear and if enough washer fluid is in the vehicle.

7. Check the parking brake tension.

- Paul Messam