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Here comes the bride

Published:Sunday | June 6, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Bride Stacy Binns-Williams makes her way to her wedding on a Suzuki GSXR 750.
Jody Hussey arrives for her big day on horseback.

Laranzo Dacres, Gleaner Writer

Forget the stretch limousines and luxury cars. These brides pulled out all the stops to make their weddings an unforgettable one.

Jody Hussey made her grand entrance with 'horsepower' of the four-legged kind much to the surprise of her husband.

"It was a big surprise to my husband," Jody Hussey chuckled. "He never dreamt that I would ride a horse to my wedding."

Hussey said it was a childhood dream to do something different. And, at one point, became concerned about the logistics.

"I had doubts about how the horse would get to the villa. But, all of that was taken care of," Hussey told Automotives.

After the reception, Hussey and husband Carl sped off the St James coastline in a speedboat to their honeymoon.

"Persons were talking about it for days as the wow factor of the horse definitely made it unforgettable," she said.

Stacy Binns-Williams arrived at the Pitfour Church of God in Granville, St James, on a Suzuki GSXR 750 motorbike. Two other bikes - Honda CBR 600 and Suzuki Katana 600 - joined the procession a quarter-mile from the church.

"It was my idea to use the bike," Binns-Williams said. She said  jokingly she thought about riding a bicycle but decided the dress and the pedalling were not a great match.

"Most people keep using the same old transportation means, so I wanted mine to be totally different," Williams said. "I liked the idea of a horse pulling a buggy, but only resorts offered that and it would have been too expensive."

Binns-Williams's rider, Devon Wynter, said he invited two other riders to give the bridal party more uniformity.

"We are all riders. I asked two of my friends to ride with me but they were unsure at first," Wynter said. "When they did meet us on our way to the church, it made the party looked more formal and uniformed."

Several requests

Wynter said since then, he has received several requests for providing the same service.

Binns-Williams's husband, France, was completely bowled over.

"Mi never really expected it. I was really, really surprised," he said. "When I saw her, all mi coulda do a just laugh! It was a really good feeling."

Island Hoppers Helicopter Tours Limited's Sue Morris said her company does a least one wedding per month.

"Usually, it involves transporting the bride to the wedding ... or, bride and groom to the reception," she said.

Morris said 20 minutes of flight would run about $27,866 and the only considerations are whether the pick-up and drop-off locations are suitable.

Big impression

"We have to have permission to land at the venue and the flight must be completed before dark," she said. "The helicopter is very visual and makes a big impression."

Sophronia McKenzie, contestant in Miss Jamaica Global 2010, said she wants to get married on the beach and would love to arrive via the sea.

"I would arrive at my wedding on jet skis. The guests would just hear the sound of skis coming and then I appear," McKenzie said laughing.