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Tedroy Burton eyes record, gains sponsor

Published:Sunday | June 13, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Teddy Burton (left) is congratulated by Derrick Johnson of Superior Honda Auto Parts for setting a new record at Dover's Labour Day meet. - Contributed

Like World 100 and 200-metre record holder Usain Bolt, driver Tedroy 'Teddy' Burton is aiming to establish new track records.

Burton's ambition has been influenced by his victory at the last Dover race meet, held on Labour Day, May 24. He set a new lap record during one of the MP 2 races with his new-look Honda Civic EK car.

"The car was set up by my mechanic, Xavia Murray. It is in good condition and can go much faster. I am still learning how to handle it. Our aim is to break that record and establish a new one in the MP 2 Class that will be around for a long while," said Burton.

Hailing from Southfield, St Elizabeth, the lanky businessman got hooked on the sport about five years ago, and he attributed his recent success to his mechanic who has transformed him from a promising rookie to one of the big names at Dover.

"Without Xavia [Murray] I don't know how I would manage," said Burton.He stressed that the rivalry at Dover is now more fierce than previous years and while he has no favourite driver, he believes all the competitors are stars. He said those who are not doing well just need a good sponsor or a reliable car.

"Lap records continue to be broken at Dover. while this is good for the sport, it also means that the drivers are improving. There is no easy win at Dover. Once you give any drivers a well-prepared car with a solid engine, he is going to do well," said Burton.Burton's impressive performance at the Labour Day race meet has landed him a sponsorship deal with Kingston-based company Superior Honda Auto Parts, headed by Derrick Johnson.

"When we looked at his (Burton's) results, after challenging some of those big-name cars, we were impressed so we took the decision to sponsor his car and keep the Honda name on top," said Johnson.

He further said Burton's performance could change people's perception about Honda cars.

"There is a perception about Hondas that the parts are expensive. Burton has demonstrated that Hondas are affordable and the parts are not expensive. He has also proven that it is a reliable car," said Johnson.