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Windscreen wipers to go!

Published:Sunday | August 29, 2010 | 12:00 AM
Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis.

Starting this week, the police will be removing from the streets of the Corporate Area, boys who wipe windscreens for monetary handouts.

"We are going to lock them up!" warned Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis, head of Traffic at the Jamaica Constabulary Force. "When we see them at the stop lights, they will be charged for being a nuisance to the motoring public."

He said that the operations to remove the young windscreen wipers from the streets of the capital city will run throughout each day, effective immediately.

The police superintendent noted that the street boys have become a nuisance, especially to female drivers travelling alone.

"They abuse the female drivers ... sometimes physically," Superintendent Lewis stated, "And when the street boys do not get what they expect, they throw dirty water or spit in the faces of the female drivers."

Such action he described as "common assault" under the law.

Abusing drivers

The traffic top cop said the boys would approach the female drivers and offer to wipe their windscreen and if the women refused to allow them to do so, they would retaliate.

"They can receive a sentence of up to 10 days in jail for common assault, or pay a fine of $5,000," he said.

He said that the street boys who engage in such activities will be locked up on sight and if they are arrested 40 times, they will have to pay $5,000 each time, amounting to a total of $200,000. So, he has issued a warning that they will not escape the long arm of the law, once he is in charge.

- Laranzo Dacres