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Clarendon councillors among property tax delinquents, crackdown launched

Published:Monday | February 16, 2015 | 5:30 PMShanique Samuels

The administration of the Clarendon Parish Clarendon is reporting that prominent residents of the parish, including councillors, have not been paying their property taxes.

AND... Secretary/Manager Rowhan Blake says the delinquents will be targeted in a six-week collection drive which began this morning.

According to Mr Blake, the Clarendon Parish Council is owed more than 270 million dollars in property taxes.

He says the property tax collection drive will focus on property owners who use the May Pen, Chapelton and Lionel Town tax offices.

At May Pen, some 107 million dollars is owed in property taxes, at Chapelton - 130 million, and at Lionel Town - 32 million dollars.

In the meantime, Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) says a 10 per cent penalty will be applied to late payments for the 2014/15 property tax assessments.

The TAJ is urging taxpayers to pay their taxes before the February 28 deadline to avoid the penalty.

The TAJ had delayed applying the penalty, which by law could have been charged as of May 1, 2014.

However, following discussions with the Ministry of Local Government, the period was extended to give people a longer period to settle their obligations for the 2014/15 period.