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Together We Rise: 8 Black Authors Tell Us Why They Write

Published:Sunday | August 1, 2021 | 1:32 AM
Together We Rise
Together We Rise

This is a homage to fi wi history with the launch today (August 1) of Together We Rise: 8 Black Authors Tell Us Why They Write. One hundred and eighty-three years ago on August 1, proud, elegant, well-dressed African Jamaicans gathered in their churches to proclaim their freedom. Now, we are creating our own history in Together We Rise, which records the views of eight authors who share their insights from over the years as they write for children in the formative toddler to tween ages. The authors are Amina Blackwood Meeks, Ekiuwa Aire, Ayana Francis, Juleus Ghunta, Marjuan Canady, Mary Cuffy, Ann G. Harris, and Eleanor Wint.

Together We Rise is an initiative which recognises authors of colour in their commitment to writing for children and young adults. These authors use poems, songs, games, and stories to remember their cultural history and document their memories of childhood. For example, Nana Farika writes her own lyrics for the well-known Emancipation song:

Augus’ mawning dawn once more

Pickney come larnyu history

Of the misery of slavery

These words ring true in memory of our black ancestors.

All of the authors talk about what motivates them to write, and they reflect on how their childhood realities have influenced their writing. As Marjuan Canady puts it “My life influences my writing and creativity. I draw inspiration from my history, community, and experiences as a Caribbean-American woman.” As one rises, we all rise.

A special web page has been created to celebrate the continued fight against oppression, https://eawpublications.com/together-we-rise/. The black roses in the logo symbolise the extraordinary beauty of the creative process.

For further information contact Eleanor Wint at contact@eawpublications.com.