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Ellesco paving the way for a sustainable future

Published:Sunday | August 7, 2022 | 12:06 AMToriann Ellis -
Phillip Oliver, Sales & Marketing Manager and Mr. Peter Chung, General Manager.
Phillip Oliver, Sales & Marketing Manager and Mr. Peter Chung, General Manager.
Electric Bike.
Electric Bike.

Electric Scooter.
Electric Scooter.

Phillip Oliver, the manager of Ellesco, a company that offers electric vehicle dealerships, believes that this new mode of transportation is the way to go and will be the future for Jamaica as the world slowly shifts from combustion vehicles. “My role at Ellesco has definitely been exciting. It’s a brand that’s new to the market, and because of that, it’s something I look on as a benefit to Jamaica.”

Ellesco, which was established in 2021, aims to offer a more sustainable means of transport through electric scooters and bikes. “Our primary goal is to provide Jamaica with electric vehicles and warehouse equipment that they can use in their company and in their daily travels.”

Oliver shared that Ellesco had been receiving an increase in traction the more citizens become knowledgeable about the brand. “Apart from Ellesco producing electric vehicles, they are all attractive. So that alone captures the eyes.”

Additionally, offering customers complimentary services of the electrical products is another way that the company has been impacting the market. “We offer free test rides, and that has drawn a lot of crowd and several people have been booked for even future test drives,” he said.

Ellesco also offers a wide variety of electric warehouse equipment, ranging from pallet trucks to pallet stackers. “We have an electric scissors lift, and we also use the scissors lift within our warehouse to stock the shelves. Regarding the scissors lift, there are a lot of companies that have a key interest in them.”

Maintenance of electric vehicles and cost cuts

Oliver shared that there is little maintenance needed for electric vehicles, so owners will spend less. “The maintenance is cut drastically. Literally the only thing you maintain on an electric vehicle is tires and brakes, as with the scooters that we provide.”

The electric bikes and scooters do not require a lot of attention as do non-electric vehicles that are operated daily. “The engine is just a battery, which is the major component of all the units that we sell. There is no oil change or filters.”

The current inflation of gas prices has also sparked the interest of customers investing in the electric equipment that Ellesco offers. “The biggest thing, which is a selling factor for all electric vehicles is that they use no gas, so this is definitely something that many people are looking into, and the savings that you can get by owning one of our bikes is remarkable. Also, the efficient time that you will get from an electric bike is actually longer than a gas bike.”

Oliver further highlights that maintenance cost is less for the warehouse equipment the company provides. “Maintenance cost on a gas combustion warehouse equipment is basically consistent because there’s going to be lots of wear and tear while on our electric equipment the maintenance cost is cut.”

Electric vehicles accompanied by safety features and use limited power

He mentioned that the electric vehicles limit not only the amount of money that an individual spends on maintenance, but they also provide safety. “The safety features in all of our equipment are revolutionary. Every piece of equipment we have has safety features, even our bicycles, to the scooters for children and adults.”

Additionally, the warehouse equipment is also accompanied by safety features. “For instance, with the pallet stack, if it moves too close to you, there’s a little button on the handle that automatically cuts the power. This stops the machine, so it prevents any person using the equipment from being hurt.”

Oliver added that the equipment offered at Ellesco requires a small amount of electric voltage and is feature packed. “Our scissors lift goes 16ft high. It has a built in level indicator, a 110 volt powered self-locking gate on the platform, and a load capacity of 500 kilograms. Now, a lot of people would look at our electric equipment and say that an electric vehicle will take a toll on their electricity bill, but our voltages are just as low as when you’re charging a small device.”