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Denroy Morgan to do remake of his 1981 Billboard hit single

Published:Wednesday | June 7, 2017 | 3:04 PMCecelia Campbell -Livingston

In 1981, Ras Denroy Morgan, patriarch of the Grammy award-winning group Morgan Heritage, released the Billboard hit single, I Will Do Anything For You, in the US.

The song, an R&B and dance anthem, still remains one of the biggest international hit songs by a Jamaican artiste.

Now, some 36 years later, Morgan says he is considering a new recording of the hit song. He said persons have made the suggestion and he is now ready to move forward with the project.

“I plan to do it right now with Sydney Mills from Steel Pulse,” he informed, also sharing that he will record a version with a lot of celebrity voices on it.
Ras Morgan who was recently in Jamaica to promote his new album, Muzical Unity and single, Hallelujah, reflected on the advent of the song with The Gleaner.

“I was living in Brooklyn at the time and I remember being in my living room with my band - the Black Eagles - rehearsing,” he said.

The late Bert Reid, happened to be walking by his house that day and was drawn to the musical sounds filtering outside. Reid alerted the group to his presence and informed them that he liked what he was hearing.

“He told me he would like to produce a song with me and the track he sent was, Sweet Tender Love,” said Morgan.

However, as hard as they tried, they just could not secure a deal for the song.

It was then that Reid decided to write another song for Morgan. That song was, I’ll Do Anything for the Lord, which was later changed to I’ll Do Anything For You.

“He was trying to make an appeal to people including those who didn’t believe in the Lord, so we decided to go with the title, I’ll Do Anything For You,” Morgan recalled.

After the song was recorded, they went to Beckett Records, where they secured a deal. Morgan said he will never forget the morning he found out that the song was released.

“I heard someone passing by my gate with a boombox and the disc jock - Frankie Crocker from WBLS - was playing my song!” related Morgan with a chuckle.