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Soca season unwrapped at Kgn Waterfront

Published:Monday | January 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew

There was surely no long talking as ticket holders docked their vehicles at downtown Kingston's waterfront last Friday for their inclusive premium drinks and copious amounts of soca music, chased with other genres, at The Gift of Soca.

Identifying the exact ingredients that come together to create the perfect gift is difficult, though you can tell a good one by all the frills of the wrapping. For many, it was a slow return to reality on the tail-end of the week-long holiday celebration. But the event's organisers, Xaymaca International, kept up their ‘12 days of Soca’ Christmas promotion with online giveaways two weeks prior to the event. Partygoers who did not know anything about the season or genre would have had a chance to learn something new over the period.

The atmosphere only matured from Xaymaca International’s efforts and it was maintained at an acceptable level as the final event unwrapped the soca season, which starts this month.

The location was convenient, with ample parking for the number of patrons who showed up. Also, the view and cool open air made the venue pleasing.

New York based disc jockey, Riggo Suave took to the booth with much hype, but did not hit the ball of soca, considering quite a few oldies of the genre were missing from his playlist. Local DJs Bloodline Franco and Richie Ras had a good selection of the genre, but still did not touch soca hits that have remained favourites for more than a decade. No one in the crowd could have anticipated what happened as DJ Lava of Dei Musicale touched the consoles. The Trini selector pulled a fast one with a combination of dancehall and hip-hop music before going into soca.

It would have been clever if songs like Colin Lucas’ 'Dolla Wine' and Destra’s 'Wrong Name' were teased even for a few seconds, especially since the event had a mixture of young and older socaphiles.

For those who took to the dance floor there was much participation, with mini dance competitions. Kandi King (Xaymaca International's band director) and Xaymaca boss Andrew Bellamy joined in the dance floor action..

The night progressed, leaving members of the crowd with sweat and high on pre-soca season energy, so much so that many did not want The Gift of Soca to end.