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Xodus: An empowering mas

Published:Sunday | April 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer

Soca music, sexy costumes, and the free-spirited people dancing under the warm Caribbean sun. This was the 'mas' movement that Xodus created. Almost on the heels of the road march, it was noticed that the majority of revellers were female.

The roads throughout Kingston morphed into a flurry of feathers, skin-tight prints, and cherubic voices joined together, singing soca music in the League of Angels-themed band.

The day finally came for the female carnival-goers to don their iconic carnival costumes and take to the streets of Kingston in the most breathtaking parade of colour, music, and dance.

Female revellers like Aaliyah Wong had a story to tell, as the mother of two says that she has been marching in carnivals since 2003, but this year would be her final year.

"It doesn't necessarily feel empowered because I can feel that way in or out of costume," Wong said. "I have a baby, stretchmarks, and here I am in a two-piece, but it definitely makes me feel hot and sexy."

There's no doubt that the women of the parade stole the show with their flamboyant outfits - either as part of one of the sections, store-bought or self-made - that had clearly had months of planning put into them.

Bystanders were completely in awe by female revellers along the Barbican, Lady Musgrave and Trafalgar roads, not only because of their skimpy costumes, but also by their confidence.

Ryan Campbell, who chose to march with the band along the various routes for the second time, said, "It's the season to get wild, I don't think some of these women would wear outfits like these outside of carnival."

"Some women are comfortable in a one-piece, others in two-piece. At the end of the day, it was good to see women of all nations marching confidently," he added.