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Popeye Caution’s music and fashion collab - ClothesJesus helps artiste to broaden scope

Published:Wednesday | October 21, 2020 | 12:13 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
Entertainer and ClothesJesus conceptualiser, Popeye Caution.
Entertainer and ClothesJesus conceptualiser, Popeye Caution.
The ClothesJesus line will reflect the artiste’s style.
The ClothesJesus line will reflect the artiste’s style.
Based in Miami, Caution is mixing his love of music and fashion.
Based in Miami, Caution is mixing his love of music and fashion.

Miami-based entertainer Popeye Caution continues to merge his love for music and fashion — working his way on to mainstream radio and fashion runways — with collaborations like Shoes Off, Hollywood, Good Ting Dem and Clothes Can’t Done.

Vocal sound effects from Clothes Can’t Done blasted through the audio system during the showcase of Australia-based designer dress company Portia and Scarlett on the 2019 New York Fashion Week runway show last September.

But the runways have not heard, or better yet, seen, the last of the recording artiste, who has leveraged the controversial phrase ‘ClothesJesus’ for a fashion label which will first feature branded merchandise and streetwear.

“The phrase ‘ClothesJesus’ is not entirely new for me, it is what people have called me; and even knowing the boldness in claiming such a title and then turning it into a label, I definitely had to run with it,” Popeye Caution told The Gleaner.

The entertainer has for the past year hinted at the possibility of a clothing line that would reflect his style, and he has finally announced its online launch within the next week.

He shared, “People may not have [anywhere] to dress up and go right now, but fashion is still an escape for many. Think oversized, distressed and artsy — an artistic look for the merch we plan to start selling.”

The collaboration with Ding Dong on Good Ting Dem also influenced his latest foray.

“It changed my outlook on music and how the world views our product. Youths look up to image and fashion more than the music, but when everything is combined, it creates a standard that you the artiste has to maintain,” he said of the dancehall hit.

In Miami, the trends in fashion and music, Popeye Caution says, are heavily influenced by designer labels. And it has become synonymous with the simple mention of his name.


As the Work entertainer steps further in the world of fashion, he is also looking to crossover into the rap and trap scene. He does not plan to take a break from recording to focus on his business venture; instead, he is determined to stay relevant by putting out more music in the absence of shows and tours.

His new single, Bow, which features Splash Zanetti, is a unique take on Johnny Osbourne’s mid-80s reggae/dancehall hit single Put It By. While writing the song, he channelled Wayne in the movie Shottas, which was played by dancehall recording artiste Spragga Benz.

“The rhythm which was done by Miami-based urban and electronic music producer Felipe’ Felva’ Vargas spoke to me similarly to the movie. In terms of the song, my mother gets credit for introducing me to the reggae classics,” Popeye Caution explained.

“It is a way for me to not be boxed into one genre; like my style, I like to keep my sound flexible, especially since my fan base ranges from ages 16 to 40 years. The track doesn’t necessarily target the listeners in Jamaica, but the inspiration still comes from there.”