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Ras-I puts visuals to pandemic-penned ‘Somewhere Wonderful’

Published:Tuesday | June 21, 2022 | 6:37 AMSade Gardner/Staff Reporter
Just like the title of the song states, Ras-I’s ‘Something Wonderful’ from his ‘Kingman’ sophomore album has been transporting listeners to calming and idyllic locales.
Just like the title of the song states, Ras-I’s ‘Somewhere Wonderful’ from his ‘Kingman’ sophomore album has been transporting listeners to calming and idyllic locales.

Ras-I recently released vibrant visuals for his single Somewhere Wonderful, and for about three minutes, viewers are enraptured in a tropical escape of self-care and an experience that transcends the physical.

Shot by Alt Media, the video sees the singer leaving the familiar for somewhere divine, captured as he floats in clear waters by Lime Cay, hangs with local vendors and has coconut water by the Martha Brae River in Trelawny, and taps into vacay mode at the Cooyah Villa in Hanover. Going by YouTube and online comments, Ras-I’s video indeed took viewers ‘somewhere wonderful’, a concept, that he said, will vary in appearance from person to person.

“It should be priority for all to ensure that mentally, there is some stability,” he told The Gleaner. “‘Somewhere wonderful’ doesn’t have to be just beaches or rivers, but it can also be your special person or your family.”

Beyond resonating with fans, he hopes the project reaches other entities.

“I really hope the Jamaica Tourist Board, a hotel, or an airline comes on board and uses the song as part of a campaign,” he said. “I also just want people to keep using it for their travel videos, or whatever video. It’s growing at a good pace daily and I want that to increase. Feel-good music should be shared like good food and news.”

Co-produced with J.L.L, the track – which forms part of his sophomore album, Kingman — has found favour on TikTok and Instagram, with more than 500 users recapping their destination escapades with the song as the soundtrack. The lyrical message is a personal one as Ras-I has a critical relationship with escapism.

“It definitely helps me to clear my mind and gives me a chance to be inspired by different things. It also brings me peace and without that, it’s hard for me to be at my best creatively.”

He wrote the song during the pandemic, when he yearned to leave the country.

“I wrote it while we had travel restrictions and lockdowns,” he shared. “There was so much things adding to the frustration of the pandemic and I really needed to free up and get away, but the only means of travel was through the music.”

He went on to quote the lyrics “and for so long we a hold on; a lucky ting seh we so strong”, which complement another part of the song where he says he also made it through the past two-plus years because of loved ones. Ras-I further uses the song to wish peace unto others who have perhaps endured worse during these times, and encourages trigger-happy men to find a woman and steer clear from crime. Overall, he sings that “life always works out as it should”, a hopeful message made better by a whimsical violin solo.

“I just want people to continue sharing the music and promoting more positive vibes within your space. [I’m] very happy with the growth so far and the love the song has been getting. Keep the good vibes flowing and stream the album Kingman.”