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Sultan Muhammad Khan arrives in Jamaica

Published:Thursday | December 1, 2022 | 9:03 PM
Prime Minister and Minister of External Affairs Michael Manley (left) receiving a copy of letters from Sultan Muhammed Khan, Pakistan's ambassador to Jamaica (third from left) at Jamaica House on November 22, 1972. Beside Mr Manley (partly hidden) is Mr Louis Boothe, chief of protocol, Ministry of External Affairs, and Mr D. H. McFarlane, permanent secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, is at right.

Jamaica and Washington will share Pakistani ambassador. Sultan Muhammad Khan arrived in Jamaica with the first Secretary in the embassy, Mr Targ Oscar Hyder. He shared that he was happy to serve Jamaica for a second time.

Published Wednesday, November 22, 1972

Pakistani envoy to present credentials

Pakistan’s new ambassador to Jamaica, Sultan Muhammad Khan, arrived by Pan Am jet at Palisadoes airport yesterday to present his credentials.

Accompanying him were Mrs Khan and the first secretary in the mbassy, Mr Targ Oscar Hyder.

The new Aambassador will be presenting his credentials to Governor-General Sir Clifford Campbell, at King’s House, at 11 o’clock this morning, and afterwards will present copy lattorn to the prime minister and minister of external aafairs, the Hon Michael Manley, at Jamaica House.

In an airport interview, he said he was very happy to be accredited as Pakistan’s ambassador to Jamaica for the second time as he served in this post 10 years ago when he held the post of high commissioner to Canada.

“We have very close links with Jamaica through our past association in the Commonwealth and our interest in this country has remained as strong as ever,” he said.

The new ambassador is also his country’s ambassador to Washington where he is based. He will be here for a week.

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