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Photo Flashback: St Catherine – four parishes in one

Published:Friday | September 29, 2023 | 8:37 AM
THE OLD FOUNTAIN: Ornately decorated, this ancient water fountain still provides cool, refreshing water for those passing along the road at Water Mount District.
POINT HILL Anglican Church is a sedate stone structure surrounded by monuments of St. Catherine citizens.
LLUIDAS VALE church, surrounded by towering palms.
ANCIENT BUT USEFUL – This old stone building at Point Hill, the structure of which suggests past use as a fortification of some kind, is now used by the Police and Public Works Department.

ST Catherine has the unique distinction of including in its 497 square miles area, four of the early parishes of Jamaica - St. Catherine, St. Dorothy, St. John and St. Thomas-in-the-vale. With the passing of a law in 1867, the four parishes became one - St. Catherine, named after the Queen of Charles II. In the first act in which the parish is mentioned, it is actually and correctly spelt Katherine. Within the boundaries of this four-parishes-in-one, there is packed with a lot of interesting history of Jamaica.