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Kelly's World | Just call me mean and done

Published:Thursday | December 8, 2016 | 12:00 AMDaviot Kelly

I'm wondering if I'm mean, or if I just expect too much out of life.

I was invited to a little community get-together by a friend - so mi forward up. Despite fairly straightforward directions, I got lost (rolls eyes). But anyway, I made it safe and sound.

Problem is, I forgot to turn off the engine (rolls eyes again). It wasn't until a few hours later that someone pointed it out.

So we all laughed about it because, let's be honest, that's funny. Who leaves their engine running when gas prices are so high? So, I took the expected and good-natured ribbing that had to follow from the residents. That is, until the one who realised the car was on spoiled it for me.

"Yuh shoulda pay me fi dat enuh," he 'reasoned'. Now, one of my many (and I mean many) flaws is that I go from completely docile to 'bex like a bull' faster than Bolt finishes a 100-metre race. What started out as a joke had, in my opinion, started to go too far. Not sure what to say next (or if he was serious) I merely laughed.

Had it stopped there, fine. But nope, the bredda repeated the statement. This was a clear indication (to me) that he actually expected me to dip into my pocket and provide some sort of 'compensation'. Now, like I asked in my opening line - is it that I am mean? He's saying I should essentially pay him for being a decent human being.




We've all done some good deeds for somebody at some point, and had some done for us. And while we NEED and MUST show gratitude, I'm not sure about the financial remuneration part. If a schoolboy helps an old lady to cross the street, should he ask her for bus fare? And if she offers, should he take it?

Here's my issue. Growing up, I saw things done a certain way. I remember one time my father used to transport a student who went to my school. She lived on our way to the Corporate Area, so Dad would give her a ride. One day, her father came up and offered gas money. My father turned him down. We were going to the same place, so in my father's mind, it was no big deal.

Now, I understand why the man would feel obliged to give my dad something. So I suppose I could have offered the car watcher something other than "thanks, my boss" and "nuff respect". There were drinks on sale, so I guess I could have offered him one, once my embarrassment died down. But he never even gave me the chance to offer. Demanding money didn't sit well with me. Let me offer something - don't ask.

Sigh. Look, if I sound mean and ungrateful, I understand. Think I'm a punk? That's fine. But I just didn't like the 'request'. If the roles were reversed, I wouldn't have asked for anything, not even a beer, not even in jest. Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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