Sun | Oct 1, 2023

Pastor Jackie Greene talks the value of sisterhood and finding your voice

Published:Monday | March 6, 2023 | 12:43 AMAaliyah Cunningham - Flair Writer

Dr Jackie Green delivering an empowering message to women while onstage at this years Woman Ignite Summit.
Dr Jackie Green delivering an empowering message to women while onstage at this years Woman Ignite Summit.

Dr Jackie Greene is a faith speaker who walks purposefully in her role to help liberate the minds and spirits of women across the world through obedience to Christ. Her work creates a sanctuary for women to develop, and be strengthened enough to move forward in their purpose. Speaking with Flair she expressed that the best way to curate a space for this is through sisterhood.

“Sisterhood is so powerful and I champion women to be present for other women,” said Dr Greene. “Life happens to us all no matter what our faith preference is. There are going to be moments in life where even when you know the truth, you might forget the truth. Having another sister beside you to sharpen you the way iron sharpens iron to remind you, no daughter, you are confident, you are bold, remember what you said about 2023, it helps to bolster you in the moments where you are weak. They stand in the gap to intercede for you and to help you keep yourself on the right road and the right path.”

In January this year, she spoke at the Woman Ignite Summit where her mission was to liberate women from feeling like they lacked power. The two-day conference brought together women from all walks of life to fellowship, learn, and be inspired.

“There are a lot of women who are feeling like they are not enough and I want them to know that they are and if we are missing anything, the Father that supplies all your needs is willing and available. So use what you have and anything else that is necessary He is equipped to assist you with all that as well,” she explained.

The powerful wife, mother, author, and pastor who is charged with inspiration and electrified with passion believes that one of the most powerful things women can do for themselves is to find their voice.

“It is a process. I think that there are going to be times when you don’t get it right and you will try to mimic what you heard. I tried to sound like my husband for a while and you find out who you are by finding out who you are not. So, it is a journey. Continue experimenting and listening to the Lord for Him to give affirmation. He was the one to really help me understand, by sitting at His feet, what my actual difference was so definitely having time with the Father can help you hone in on that voice but also not being afraid to try,” she said.

In April, Dr Greene, who is a melting pot of American Southern values and Ghanaian traditions, will release her newest book, Permission to Live Free.

“Matthew 11 talks about how we can come to the Father. Many times, we are going through things over and over again simply because we do not come to a father that would love to carry those burdens and I have made a decision this year that I am going to cast my cares. Yes. Life is going to happen and yes there will be a lot that I would have to maintain but if I keep it at the feet of the Father and allow Him to carry it with me, I can walk with ease,” said the co-pastor of Forward City Church.