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Godiva Golding bridging the technological gap with STEAMHouse

Published:Monday | April 24, 2023 | 12:42 AM
Godiva Golding, founder of STEAMHouse, is no stranger to excellence.
Godiva Golding, founder of STEAMHouse, is no stranger to excellence.

In a world that is rapidly evolving through technology and innovation, science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) fields are at the forefront of progress. In the midst of this exciting landscape, Godiva Golding, founder of STEAMHouse, is one of the few individuals who stand out as true pioneers of change.

STEAMHouse, an education hub that brings to life concepts and principles of STEAM through integrated project-based approaches, is revolutionising the field with its groundbreaking work pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and reducing the digital divide.

Golding’s passion for STEAM education was born out of her love for the disciplines it encapsulates. She shared, “I am driven by a vision to see more Jamaicans thrive in a systematic way. My experiences in youth and community development, and having spent years in education technology in Jamaica, have affirmed to me that there is great potential that is largely untapped.”

This passion led her to establish the STEAMHouse Network in 2020. Since its launch, the initiative has created awareness with the engagement of over 5,000 students from the primary to the tertiary level, with the competitions held centring on artificial intelligence and machine learning. A critical part of STEAMHouse’s mandate is to increase knowledge and access outside of Kingston and create an impact in all 14 parishes.

Golding, an innovator and thought leader, is no stranger to excellence. Though a stellar academic, she managed to juggle many other pursuits and activities. In 2014, she was formally recognised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as a Young Innovator and in 2016, she was crowned St Catherine Festival Queen. She also earned the 2017 Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence in Community Development.

In her more than eight years in the educational technology and STEAM fields, she has been a part of the growth being observed here locally. “People are very intrigued and interested in being [actively involved] in science and technology. Meeting people where they are and helping people be as involved as they can be, and what we see happening overall is a more tech-driven society.”

Having worked on various social impact initiatives, Golding shared than one of her most notable project was working with the Ministry of National Security and the Correctional Services to pilot programmes to help juvenile offenders develop the skills that they need to reintegrate into society and be more job ready.

Looking ahead, she hopes to continue to expand the reach beyond the shorelines of Jamaica. “We’re continuing to expand our programmes outside of Jamaica to the Caribbean region and United States where technical education is concerned. We’re helping to build the skills that will help people to bridge the digital divide.”