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Book Pages in the Garden for flavourful meals

Published:Thursday | June 25, 2020 | 12:16 AMKareem Latouche
TOP: Potatoes stuffed with curried shrimp.
Sorrel glazed BBQ ribs.
right: Fish with olives and pineapple.

For the past 20 years, David Brown has been obsessed with cooking, as he uses the kitchen as his experimental lab to invent savoury cuisines. “I had a strong love for food and people from a young age. I loved being around food, whether it was fresh produce in the market or food being cooked in the kitchen. I grew up with parents who entertained a lot and so I always associate food with happy gatherings, good music and fun times,” shared Brown.

After operating a successful restaurant at The University of the West Indies, Brown wanted to expand, and found a serene spot in Hope Gardens. “As far as I have seen, Hope Gardens is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica and, indeed, the world. To dine in nature is a privilege and rare treat that I knew our guests would appreciate. The garden relaxes our guests and gives them a much-needed reprieve from the hectic demands of city life. Many of them come here just to enjoy the tranquillity and de-stress.”

His restaurant is located in a section with several trees as old as 50 years, that have branches that provide shade of a radius of 60 feet. It’s also neighbouring the Chinese Garden, which is adjacent a road that leads to Hope Zoo.

Despite having limited business for weeks, due to COVID-19, Brown has remained optimistic and grateful. “Knowing that God is firmly in control and that He causes all things to work together for good to those that love Him, I was always expecting the best. Additionally, the encouragement of my wife and parents and the loyalty and commitment of our team and clients helped to boost my spirit.”

With his extensive travel, Brown has found a way to mix authentic Jamaican food staples with touches of international cuisine. For him, natural spices and herbs are a must, as they can be tasted in the cooked vegetables and his seasoned rice. As for the meat, whether beef or chicken, it was evident that it was marinated in seasoning overnight, because of the rich flavour of the inner parts.

“Our seasoning is what gives our food its personality and ultimately its authenticity. Fortunately, the flavour profile of our seasonings, for example, our ginger, pepper, scallion and thyme are often superior to those found elsewhere in the world. We have been blessed with some of the best seasonings in the world, so we use it, and use it abundantly.”

Who is it for:

Anyone who is a food lover and like when their meal is prepared with authentic seasoning.


To access the property you will have to enter through the back gate. If you are confused just look up Jamaica Horticultural Society on Google map, as the entrance is beside it.

What stands out:

The peacefulness of the ambiance.

Must-try food/activity:

Grilled Chicken breast, and if you get a chance, ask for their freshly picked lemon grass drink.


Hope Gardens, Kingston


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