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Focus: Time to visit the dentist

Published:Wednesday | July 7, 2021 | 12:08 AMDesiree Duncan/Contributor

The shift during this past year has been palpable. It could not and should not be ignored. The world has been reminded that life is truly an unfolding phenomenon and change is inevitable. It has become apparent that we can either run away in fear or embrace life as it evolves and takes us for the ride.

The true purpose has been to realise our adaptability and our capacity to focus on the things we want. Things like mental well-being, physical health, more joy, fun and being with the people we love.

Since childhood, parents and teachers have been yelling “FOCUS!!”, but has anybody really taught us how or its importance? Nobody taught me.

What does it mean to focus anyway? Through my own desire to focus, I’ve been inspired to a definition. Focus is our mental ability to deliberately place our attention on a particular thought or event.

Deliberate is the most vital word in this definition, because you must want to focus, in order to focus. It is a conscious decision.

There is great power in focusing, and it feels good to place your attention in the direction that you want to put it. We have this excellent ability to feel a little bit better or a lot better on any given topic, whether it be health, relationships or visiting the dentist, just by focusing.

Without focus it can start to feel like your thoughts are thinking you, instead of you thinking them. You find yourself consumed with anger, boredom, doubt, worry and, worst of all, fear. Fear is our true enemy. Your well-being is important and it is natural for you to feel good in your body and in your mind. It’s time to acknowledge this. Some part of you already knows this, because those negative emotions feel uncomfortable to you.

I will be paying particular attention to ‘’visiting the dentist’ in my articles because I have realised lots of resistance on this subject. Fear in any form weakens your overall physical and mental health. It is my intention to uplift you from fear to a place of feeling better about anything, including visiting the dentist. I will be referring to them as Positips, Positive Tips; clever, right? It will be your choice to put them into practice.

Positip #1: List of appreciation

 Before visiting the dentist or dental clinic, get a blank piece of paper and a pen.

 Sit somewhere quietly. Take a very deep breath. Deeper than usual. Let out a big sigh.

 Repeat this until you feel at ease, relaxed.

 Now think of all the things you are grateful for or things you appreciate about the dentist. Write them down. (I’m sure you can think of one).

 For example, “I’m grateful that I can visit the dentist”; “I appreciate how much my dentist cares about my oral health.”

It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you genuinely feel grateful about it. The more you focus on the things you appreciate, the more things will come to you. Deciding to sit and write about things you are grateful for is an act of focusing and it is simple.

It is impossible to be in a state of fear or worry while being grateful or appreciative. The list does not have to be long but you will realise you feel a lot better as you focus your thoughts in a positive direction.

To many, this will sound like nonsense and a waste of time. It was Albert Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” So if the way you’re looking at things isn’t working for you, join me on this journey of self- discovery.

For your life experience to be better and for you to feel better about it, your deliberate participation is required. So grab a piece of paper and try it!

Source: Ester and Jerry Hicks: The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, The Teachings of Abraham.

Dr Desiree Duncan is a dentist at Friendly Smiles Dental. Email feedback to desiremd18@gmail.com, yourhealth@gleanerjm.com or call 876-346-0237.