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Santa is in May Pen

Published:Monday | December 22, 2014 | 4:05 PMShanique Samuels

Just days before Christmas, the town of May Pen, Clarendon, was a buzz of economic activity yesterday.

Vendors were scattered about the town centre plying their wares, selling decorative household items such as flowers, runners and tablecloths. Women's clothing hung near shops as a vendor shouted, "Tousan dalla dress! Tousan dalla!"

In an effort to generate sales, the vendor said: "Hi, nice girl, da one ya can fit you, ennuh! A yuh size dis."

Remittances and ATM lines have extended beyond their regular points as persons clamoured to collect monies for their last-minute Christmas shopping.

Police patrol

Police personnel on foot patrol were also visible in the town, directing traffic as they tried to get motorists to observe the temporary one-way roads that now govern the town.

Some supermarkets have also been cashing in on last-minute sales, as persons purchased items for baking their traditional Christmas cakes.

'Chargie' is a vendor offering bargains and discounts on men's shoes on a handcart. "The people nuh really have nuff money fi spen, suh wi a sell out cheap, cheap," he said, before bellowing "Sale out! Sale out! Santa is here!"

While some vendors reported that business has been picking up, others said it was stagnant at the moment, but they remained hopeful that things would improve before grand market, December 24.