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District constable murdered in St Bess - Residents worried about itinerant criminals

Published:Monday | May 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMAdrian Frater

Western Bureau:

The St Elizabeth Police Division was in mourning yesterday morning when lawmen responding to reports of gunshots being fired in Cuffies Pen, off the Lacovia main road, found that the victim was their 56-year-old colleague, District Constable Louis Robinson.

"This is terrible ... the death of a colleague, especially when the person is killed in such a manner, is always a traumatic experience ... . Somehow the thoughts will always come around to, it could have been me," a St Elizabeth-based policeman told The Gleaner.

"I know his family must be hurting at this time and I can't help but grieve with them."

Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams has condemned the killing of Robinson.

"We must not allow criminals who are intent on causing grief and havoc to continue to roam freely," said Williams.

"Criminals are forging an attack on the very institution of law and order and causing law-abiding citizens to cower in fear. We cannot allow a few to hold the majority hostage."

According to Superintendent Lanceford Salmon, head of the

St Elizabeth Police Division, Robinson, who The Gleaner understands was primarily assigned to court duties at the Santa Cruz Parish Court, was shot in the head as he sat in his white Toyota Camry motor car outside a Lacovia bar shortly after midnight.




"When the police arrived at the scene, the body was slumped over in the car with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the mouth," said Salmon, who personally visited the scene.

"We have launched an investigation, but so far, we have not come up with a motive."

Salmon, nonetheless, made it absolutely clear that every effort will be made to identify and apprehend the killer or killers.

"We intend to get justice for the life of this district constable," said Salmon.

While cognisant of the fact that the police are yet to establish a motive for Robinson's death, Justice of the Peace Melville Harris said he was quite concerned about the level of lawlessness and the presence of itinerant criminals, who are seemingly becoming entrenched in St Elizabeth.

"It is a matter of great concern ... . The marauding criminals seem to have a special liking for this parish ... . They are steadily creeping in and laying down roots, which is bad news for all law-abiding citizens," said Harris.

"Additionally, there are too many illegal guns around ... . We have these wide-open (sea) borders and with the guns for drugs trade, that is more bad news."

Yesterday, the police commissioner urged anyone with information on the attack on the district constable to contact the nearest police station and tell what they know.

Within recent weeks, the local police have been experiencing trying times.

Last week, Corporal Judith Williams was ambushed and murdered in east Kingston by thugs who sprayed her with bullets at a bus stop.