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Gunmen murder two in MoBay

Published:Monday | May 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMAdrian Frater/News Editor

Western Bureau:

Despite the ongoing state of public emergency in St James and the recent successes of the security forces in seizing illegal firearms, brazen gangsters are still committing murders in the parish, as two persons were killed during the past weekend.

On Saturday night, vendors in Sam Sharpe Square were forced to flee as a lone gunman pumped several bullets into the body of a female vendor, killing her on the spot. On Sunday night, gunmen struck again in Paradise Norwood, killing one man.

In the incident at Sam Sharpe Square, which occurred at approximately 9:45 p.m., an unidentified man walked up to street vendor Valda Keller and fired several shots, hitting her in the head. She died on the spot. Two male bystanders were also shot and injured. One man was shot in his right shoulder and the other was shot under his right eye.

"De man cold like ice ... . Him just walk up to the woman and start put it on," said an eyewitness, who said he was too frightened to even run. "Some policemen were just down the road from where it happened, but the man (the shooter) just shoot her and just walk weh."


Reigniting fears


The brazen nature of the recent killings is reigniting fears in Montego Bay as residents are concerned about the fact that, despite the state of public emergency and the strong police-military presence in the parish, gangsters are still committing murders.

"It looks like de badman dem a get used to the soldier dem," a friend of the deceased woman told The Gleaner. "Right now, me fraid, because if a man come inna Sam Sharpe Square come fire shot, that means seh him nuh fraid a soldier and police."

Prior to the start of the state of emergency (SOE) in St James, 12 persons were murdered in the parish in the first two weeks of 2018. Since the start of the SOE, 21 persons have been killed. Last Friday, the security forces had their most successful day since the imposition of the SOE, seizing a total of nine guns, inclusive of four M16 assault rifles. Several marked police vests and a protective vest, which appeared to be a military-issued item, and a quantity of assorted ammunition were also seized.