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Kevin O. Smith’s social media footprint

Published:Wednesday | October 20, 2021 | 12:09 AMAdrian Frater/News Editor
Former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller kisses the cheek of Bishop Kevin O. Smith in this undated photograph posted to the church leader’s Facebook account.
Kevin O. Smith seems to be a well-travelled man, based on his social media photos.
A young Kevin O. Smith poses with his mom in his Jamaica College uniform.


Kevin O. Smith, the man who presided over a murderous ritual in Montego Bay, St James, enjoys a commanding presence on social media, with posts detailing his objection to, among other things, mandatory vaccination, likening it to buggery.

Dubbing himself His Excellency Bishop Dr Kevin O. Smith, the leader of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in the western city held a firm grip on his flock, feeding them with doctrines seemingly drawn from a range of religious ideologies, which he mixed with his so-called prophetic calling to form the basis of his message for roughly eight years.

His Facebook page tags the leader of the 123 Albion Road church as “the youngest Jamaican born Bishop in Jamaica’s church history”, claiming that it made him “a respectable and recognizable global influential force and world leader throughout Christendom and the corporate sphere”.

In one of the entries declaring his mission, Smith, who appeared to be obsessed with titles, declared himself “His Excellency Dr Kevin O. Smith, Crown Bishop and End Time Nabi of HIM CONQUEROR LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, YESUS CHRISTOS the one True and living God YHVH 999”.

He is also no fan of talks of mandatory vaccination, with his posts revealing he also objected to the jab.

“Force vaccination in law is rape!” wrote Smith. “A man forcing something into another man is buggery. A man forcing himself into a woman is rape. No Prime Minister can change common law and common sense!”

He also showed a clear penchant for posting major global events, giving them his own philosophical spins, sometimes affixing one of his doomsday-style prophecies to the entries.

In a post responding to a recent statement by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in which he stated that unvaccinated Jamaicans should not expect the Government to prioritise them for bed spaces, Smith prophesied: “We will be pushed out of the hospital and supermarket and the airports and the businesses.”

However, Smith’s postings were not all about his titles and gloom and doom.

In one entry, he posted a picture of himself, at the age of three, bearing all the features of childhood innocence. The caption stated that the picture was taken at Glengoffe, St Catherine.

In another photograph, which he labelled as being taken in 1993, Smith was seen in what he said was his Jamaica College uniform as he hugged a woman in multicoloured dress, who he described as his mother.

Another photograph appearing to capture Smith’s early religious foundation showed a church with the name ‘Church of Jesus Christ Blessing Plan Ministry’. He wrote beside the picture, “This is where his Excellency was baptized at age nine in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

There were also several photograph entries showing Smith in the social space, meeting well-known politicians, athletes, and entertainment personalities. In one of the pictures, the image showed him being kissed on his cheek by former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

The posts also showed that Smith is a well-travelled man, with one entry noting that he had visited some 94 countries, mostly as a part of his so-called religious excursions.

He also has posted several videos to YouTube, showing him preaching at different places, including Nigeria in Africa.

In one interesting posting, Smith posed for a photograph in Atlantic City, New Jersey – one of the United States’ premier gambling destinations – against a backdrop of casinos.

With his flamboyant gowns, dapper suits, dazzling jewels, and his strong emphasis on ensuring that members of his flock give generously to his ministry, it appears that Smith has more than a passing acquaintance with wealth, albeit he is said to be quite generous in assisting with school fees and medical care for the children and elderly in his congregation.

“People are sacrificing their family members# for power and wealth and riches . stop in Jesus name,” a November 2016 tweet he made reads.

Recent Facebook posts took on an ominous posture with prophecies of the imminent arrival of an ark to transport “cleansed” members of his congregation on a heavenly journey.

In one of his final posts before Sunday’s deadly service, he wrote, “The ARK is load now! 123 Albion Road. Leave immediately dressed in white.”