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Dear Santa ...

Christmas wishes from wards in children’s homes, places of safety in western Jamaica

Published:Sunday | December 11, 2022 | 5:46 AMMark Titus - Sunday Gleaner Writer

With two weeks to go before Christmas Day, 256 wards in children’s homes and places of safety in western Jamaica are hoping that Jamaicans will open their hearts and extend the kindness and cheer of the festive season to them and make their wishes come true.

There are 13 childcare facilities across the parishes of St James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, and Hanover which are home to children as a result of abuse, incest and abandonment, as well as others deemed in need of care and protection.

This includes the Government-operated Blossom Gardens Childcare Facility in Montego Bay, St James, which was founded in 1975.

“We can cater for up to 65 wards of the state, male and female, from birth to eight years old,” Manager Gaylann Wilson Dixon told The Sunday Gleaner during a visit last week. “We have a nursery for our babies, a toddler dorm, and a separate facility for our older children.”

The facility also operates an on-site school, through which trained teachers expose the wards to the early childhood curriculum in a regular schooling environment.

But Wilson Dixon is hoping that along with the wishes of those in the care of her 33-strong staff, a Good Samaritan will also gift the facility a new industrial kitchen sink in the season of giving.

“It’s not just a job. For us, it’s a ministry. We offer care to Jamaica’s most vulnerable and we have seen positive outcomes,” the home manager said.

As The Sunday Gleaner perused the wish lists of children at the various facilities across the region, it was evident that most are hoping to get tablets or laptops to assist with their schooling.

This was also a priority focus for the wards at Clifton Boys’ Home in Westmoreland.

Located on seven acres of land, Manager Patrick Newman is also hoping that corporate Jamaica will support the home’s animal rearing and farming project.

“We have started to utilise the land available to produce food and vegetables and we would appreciate a person or company to come on board to help fund our piggery, cattle rearing, and goat project,” he said.

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) launched a Grant A Wish programme during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, when visits were restricted, traditional treats could not be held and customary donor support dwindled. The programme allowed the children to say what they would want for Christmas and invited Jamaicans to fulfil the wishes of a child from the populated list.

As the Take a Child Home for the Holidays initiative was also suspended during that time, this allowed the children the opportunity to still share in the festive cheer.

Although those restrictions have now been lifted, the Grant A Wish programme is continuing and Jamaicans can log on to the CPFSA’s website at to see the wishes and contact the agency CPFSA and inform them of the wishes they want to fulfil.

Eric Vassell, the CPFSA regional director for western Jamaica, who supervises the 13 facilities, is hoping that no child will be left heartbroken and without a gift this Christmas.

“It is gratifying to see the smile on the children’s faces when their wishes are granted. Christmas is a very special time for many, and children especially, look forward to receiving gifts, and all that the season brings,” he told The Sunday Gleaner.

Blossom Gardens Child Care Facility, Montego Bay

Name Gift

MB Frog Toy

JC Paw Patrol

SH Fire truck

JJ Batman car

MH Toy bike

AD Soldier truck

RH Iron Man truck

JW Bike

KB Fast car

JB Police car

PB Truck

DP, AP, IG, RW, OR Car

KH, TM, LS,AC, KJ Princess Doll

TS Eye glasses & beauty set

BM Sponge ball

Wish for the home: Industrial kitchen sink

To grant any of these wishes, contact Gaylann Wilson Dixon at 876-522-4773.


Name Age Sex Wishes

TW 14 M Bicycle, cell phone, laptop

AW 17 M 50-70 exercise weight vest, watch

AM 15 F Watch, necklace, white Air Force sneakers (size 6)

JC 7 F Big doll, story books, tablet

RR 16 F Laptop, phone, suitcase

RS 18 M Black Air Force sneakers (size 8), laptop, airbed for camping

DC 13 F Cell phone, suitcase, shoes (size 9)

RB 14 F Laptop, size 8.5 or 9 sandals. Clothes (small)

GD 10 F Cell phone, clothes, story books

DD 13 M Bicycle, cell phone, shirts (small)

MM 8 M Toy truck, remote control car, bicycle

RM 13 M Laptop, football shoes (size 8), football

TC 5 M Toy truck, remote control car, bicycle

GF 1y8m F Blocks, interactive books, sorting manipulatives (otherwise wipes, size 3 diapers, cereal and formula)

KA 18 M Refrigerator, television, cell phone

SS 18 F Graphic tablet, sewing machine

OR 10 M Bicycle, cell phone, size 7 football shoes

MC 13 M Tablet, mattress, clothes (size 14 shirt and size 16 pants)

AF 14 F Laptop, headset/earphones, reading books/novels

KM 9 F Tablet, reading books, big doll

EM 6 M Bicycle, Toy truck, Remote control car

JB 18 M Laptop, 2 pairs of pants for church (size 36 waist, 44 length), 2 large shirts for church

AM 13 M Bicycle, clothes (shirt M, pants 25), size 9.5 shoes

KH 17 F Size 37 white Air force shoes, cell phone, clothes (small)

SG 17 F Size 8 Kickers shoes, natural hair treatment, laptop

EM 15 M Bicycle, clothes (pants 30, shirt medium), size 10 shoes

PH 12 M Cell phone, football shoes (size 8.5), tablet

CE 16 F Laptop, boom box, art/drawing set

CA 16 F Laptop, mannequin head for cosmetology, 1 Airforce shoes size 6.5

AK 5 F A big doll, size 4 sandals, small dress (size 4)

DH 6 M Tablet, toy truck, clothes (size 6)

To grant any of these wishes, contact Elvis Farquharson at 876-552-4775.


Name Sex Age Wishes

KD M Tablet

EL F 2 Leapfrog 2-in-1 Leaptop touch screen, learning toys

JA M 12 Bicycle, tablet

JW M 14 Laptop, football boots (size 12), tablet

SM M 15 Laptop/tablet, bicycle

JH M 2 Bicycle w/ training wheel, educational toys

CB F 8 Scooter

MR F 6 Remote control truck, Leapfrog 2-in-1 Leaptop touch screen, tablet

DF F 12 Tablet, laptop, cell phone

DF M 6 Tablet, Leapfrog 2-in-1 Leaptop touch screen

NG M 12 Tablet, bicycle, headphone with SD card slot

TW M 5 Leapfrog touch screen tablet, tablet

AK F 10 Pink Samsung Tablet case with keyboard

MW M 10 Dirt Bike

AM F 12 Blow-up plastic pool

KF F 13 Smart phone, watch, Bible

DS M 12 School bag and composition books

KS M 14 School bag and composition books

To grant any of these wishes, contact Malika Dixon at 876-475-8314.


Name Sex Age Wishes

BJ M 17 Football, cell phone, football boots (Size 12½)

CP M 16 Watch

CW M 14 Football boots (9W), llaptop, football

AT M 13 Jeans pants (size 14), black shoes (size 39)

TM M 8 Shirt (size 12), jeans pants (size 9), black shoes (8)

BB M 6 Tablet, jeans pants (size 6), shirt (size 5)

JC M 7 Tablet, basketball, remote control truck

AW M 4 School bag, toy truck, bicycle with training wheels

JB M 1 Educational toy, bedtime story book, stuffed animal

RG F 10 Clothes, large doll, storybooks

KT F 17 Books, toys, shoes

RR F 7 Tablet, doll, watch

AM F 4 Storybooks/puzzles, large teddy bear, interactive games

AG F 14 Casual/formal dress, slippers/shoes, jeans pants

TS F 10 Learning toys, books, school bag

KC F 17 Perfume and lotion set, slippers (41/42). clothes (m/l)

JG F 8 Tablet, storybook, school shoes (size 2)

Wish for home: The Granville Place of Safety is in need of a generator

To grant any of these wishes, contact Ms Lisa Hill at 876-469-5954.


Name Sex Age Wishes

RM F 14 Tablet

RP M 16 Laptop/tablet, PlayStation

LB M 14 Tablet, PlayStation

TM (special needs) F 14 Fidget toy set

SR F 11 DIY bracelet making kit set

AC F 7 Doll house

KD M 8 Toy car

SS M 17 Acrylic paint set and canvas, pastel crayons set

LB F 2 Dolls, colouring books

MJ F 17 Novels (criminal investigation and romance)

AG F 4 Reading books

MW M 16 Phone

MP F 15 Tablet

AS F 6 Tricycle

CG F 9 Bicycle, DIY bracelet kit

CG F 3 Doll house

JA M 13 Phone

KS M 7 Bicycle

OW M 11 Bicycle, tablet

RW M 7 Bicycle

KB M 14 Tablet, phone

Wish for home: Clifton Boys’ Home is seeking support for their farming project

To grant any of these wishes, contact Candice Williams James at 876-475-8545.

You may also contact Eric Vassell, regional manager, CPFSA, at 876-469-6045, or CPFSA Western regional offices at 876-979-3446 to grant wishes this holiday season.

For a more comprehensive list of wishes, including those from children in other parishes across the island, visit