Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Ways to make reparations effective

Published:Saturday | July 11, 2020 | 12:07 AM


I’m a firm believer in reparations. African Americans, perhaps not even so much myself, deserve reparations from the American administration. As a former subject of the British Empire, I believe that the Brits owe me reparations.

I don’t, however, believe that throwing money at people is a wise form of reparations. You have to inject a bit of creativity into it. Poor people suddenly coming into large sums of money is an embarrassing disaster waiting to happen.

Giving incentives may be a wise choice.

I would like to see more educational and vocational training grants and more government loan guarantees to banks to spur more lending at reasonable interest rates. That would wake up the black knowledge base and entrepreneurial spirit, and greater prosperity would ensue.

All parties must have skin in the game, though, or else forget it. It would work and not even be that expensive.

Reparations yesterday, reparations today, and reparations tomorrow (a little George Wallace lingo there).