Sat | May 8, 2021

Readers’ Reactions – Biden era offers new hope for J’can immigrants in the shadows

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2021 | 12:08 AM

Thousands of Caribbean expatriates are hopeful that when new US President Joe Biden sends his new immigration bill to Congress, it will be passed and signed into law. Biden has promised a new immigration law that will provide a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million-plus who are living in the US illegally. Here are the responses via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


When USA and other nations are a better option for your sustenance than the land of your birth speaks volumes. This is not the 40s-80s yet four out of 10 Jamaicans migrate. Few go illegally. You don’t run from good.

– @Progress47


This would be great but what happens if Biden doesn’t get in again? The promises might be broken before they get their Green Card.

– @Jennifer Borgh

Illegal immigration will only fester more. I hope Biden has a plan on how he will deal with this. There has to be some sort of strict requirement to gain such privilege.

– @China Jones

Personally I’m against rewarding lawbreakers, however the situation must be resolved with appropriate laws that benefit all. Obama tried without lasting success, hopefully Biden can do better.

– @Kingsley W Nelson

This is an excellent opportunity for all illegal immigrants to finally become legal. The truth is, many such people from the Caribbean went to the US and have not sought to get a United States ID or Social Security number or even to pay income tax. This makes doing anything including getting regularized almost impossible. It’s like they live in the US but really not existing. I hope many of them can seek out proper legal representation so that they can make good of the opportunities that would come to them. It starts by getting your ‘Real ID’s” from back home in your country of birth and proceeding from there. It’s time they start living and stop hiding like crabs and running every time they hear a car outside.

– @Audley Phillip


That would a never happen just hide same way mi bro and sis cause dem always make di bright talk in the first day in office.

– @1donramone

We can’t use our own situation with others. There are a lot of people there who can’t afford to even find food much less to get papers. Everybody think America is a better place but it’s not it’s a place of opportunities. You survive in Jamaica in a board house/tenement yard/free light, water/and do tuff trade work and better yourself tell me how you do that in a country weh ppl no ramp fi call police and fi sue you. Who is to tell that things was going good he also got his papers then something happened. We should think more positive of situations that’s to criticize ppl struggles.

– @mz.feurtado

That alone unuh interested in. When you run, make sure to run with a plan.

– @ricayboo