Sat | May 8, 2021

Take care of our youth

Published:Saturday | January 23, 2021 | 12:07 AM


The year 2021 has arrived with heightened fears and uncertainty, thanks to COVID-19. In this environment, the young are seriously affected, their routines are disrupted, social interaction is restricted, and they are keenly aware of the economic threats to the households.

I just learnt of two high schools reverting to distance learning as face-to-face learning has been aborted due to COVID-19 concerns. Parents, guardians, mentors, please pay special attention to the emotional health of these youngsters. Uncertainty leads to insecurity and dread. Before long, they may lose confidence and start to underperform.

These issues are real, and I am imploring communities, take care of their children. Help in guiding them, provide laptops for ease of access to learning, support the parents – each one, help one.

Remember the Government, parents, and guardians alone cannot do this. Please, everyone, join in. Corporate Jamaica should continue to assist as much as they can. We must reassure our youth that their future is secure in the Lord Jesus Christ.