Sun | Jun 13, 2021

Lamar Morgan a true Reggae Boyz ambassador

Published:Wednesday | June 9, 2021 | 12:08 AM
Lamar Morgan
Lamar Morgan


Some time ago, I saw an article on Lamar Morgan showing his winning qualities. Being the physical trainer for the Reggae Boyz, he has further shown his hard work and dedication to the programme. He is a remarkable character who has the affinity to help create a very functional, dynamic Jamaica Football Federation. This is through his coaching and astute ways of doing a most honest, effective job with his positive mindset.

Lamar has been doing a great job because he is self-motivated. As such, he will give you more than your money’s worth because of his determination and patriotism to his country, Jamaica.

A graduate of GC Foster College, he is a lover of the game of football who is very patient in his quest to generate a unique spirit and ambience in the team. Lamar has the tremendous technical know-how to eliminate the divisiveness once marring local soccer due to the pandemic and monetary constraints.

I have seen his handiwork from working with him at Tarrant High School, where we share space as PE teachers. He is a very high-spirited individual who knows his job well, from the concrete accomplishments I have seen. A few years ago he was in Germany, where he did a stint in soccer to make him a much more marketable person in the football fraternity.

In forging himself forward, he will listen to even the dull and ignorant because they, too, have their story. Because he is such a good listener, he will find favour with those who want to get the most from anyone seeking his services. He is a man on a mission, to accomplish his desired dreams, hopes, and aspirations. The qualities he possesses are surely going to make him successful. I hope he will be in the programme for a long time. I wish him well as an integral part of the Reggae Boyz programme.