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Talkback Friday

Published:Friday | July 30, 2021 | 12:07 AM

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government will be focusing on legislation that would include a ban on corporal punishment. We asked The Gleaner’s social media followers for their thoughts on this possible ban. Responses sourced from Twitter and Instagram.

Way past time to get rid of the abusive dinosaur. It’s out of the dark ages of human history to think that any person, let alone a child, should be whipped into changing behaviour or for some imagined slight. Why should punishment equate pain, torture, and abusive behaviour?

– @benfletcher1246

Some battles are not worth fighting. Government’s legislation which ban corporal punishment is great but the real battle is to keep corporal punishment out of homes late in the nights when children are asleep. Will there be policing of homes where it exists?

– @jackie_vassell

What happen to the crime legislation? Leave corporal punishment alone and fight the monster crime.

– @VINCENT62207515

Such an act should have been obsolete decades ago. Violence begets violence and Jamaica is a very violent society. As if we have not paid a high enough price by beating our kids, sometimes brutally. – @carisbrook5

Do something about the rising crime rate and the child murders who are free and stop focus on that cause you can’t stop that. Disciplining a child and beating them to death are too different things; you need to make an example of those who kill our nation’s children. – @TajayJones2

We are all stuck in the deepest parts of PTSD from slavery, clearly.

– @maroongoddess

Most countries banned it, so why not Jamaica, where some teachers need to learn better ways of handling students that get out of hand and like mouthing off. – @smileyhard77

It’s long overdue. The crime rate is a result of this. Many Jamaicans are living in functional trauma bonds. We are taught how to reprimand but not to correct, how to discipline but not praise, and how to fight but not resolve. Therefore, many Jamaicans are living in “service mode” and not how to be themselves. – @moscherriemdonline

Foolishness is hidden in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction shall drive it out. – @007shalom26

Corporal punishment should’ve been banned decades ago. There is no proof that battered children fare better than others whose parents use more progressive forms of punishment (speaking as a parent who uses progressive forms of punishment). It probably encourages violence more than anything else. Better late than never is what I say. 1000% support for ban on corporal punishment. – @nat_evolution4.0