Mon | Sep 27, 2021

We share Muggy’s pain and bewilderment on education

Published:Friday | July 30, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I write in response to the article by Lascelve ‘Muggy’ Graham, ‘We are not serious about education’, published on July 29. Welcome to the arena, ‘Muggy’. Understandably, you feel as if you’ve been mugged. In a sense, you have been.

Sadly, the mugging is neither a knockout nor a technical knockout but a flogging that has lasted for generations. It has left us as a nation blooded, weak, and incredulous, given the false hopes artfully instigated by successive national governments. The most recent example: none but our current prime minister launched another seemingly bold, urgent, and timely “education commission” a year ago under the chairmanship of famous native son, Dr Orlando Patterson of Harvard University. As I recall, the commission should have presented its findings and recommendations in May of this year. Unless it was presented in secret, it seems that we are being flogged and duped once again. One almost comes to the conclusion that we are being kept alive just for the flogging.

Copies of OUR STORY – Jamaica’s Visionary Experimental Secondary Classes 1954-1960 were presented to the Office of the Prime Minister and the minister of education very recently. There is no evidence that this publication has been seen or reviewed by any official at either office. There certainly has been no acknowledgement that the books were received. As one of the editors of the publication, I share ‘Muggy’s’ pain and bewilderment at the apparent chasm between regularly expressed, profound concerns and visible, sustained action in response by successive governments of Jamaica. It may be of some value, after all, that we continue to survive the flogging since, as we love to say quite frequently, while there is life, there is hope. Just maybe, we will yet make a notable difference with the scars to show for the effort.

‘Muggy’, please do not leave the arena. I most certainly will not.