Fri | Oct 15, 2021

Balance curfews and lockdowns

Published:Wednesday | September 15, 2021 | 12:08 AM


Re curfews and lockdowns, we need a balanced approach.

My suggestion would be that the Government considers employing a ‘give and take’ curfew methodology/system, wherein, on Mondays, curfews would begin at 9 p.m.; on Tuesdays, at 7 p.m.; on Wednesdays, at 9 p.m.; on Thursdays, at 7 p.m.; on Fridays, at 9 p.m.; on Saturdays, at 7 p.m.; and on Sundays, at 4 p.m. In so doing, citizens, businesses and organisations would be better able to plan their movements/agendas.

In regard to lockdowns, every other Saturday and Sunday could be lockdown weekends, until the COVID-19 positivity daily case rates, COVID-related hospitalisations, and COVID-related deaths decline, consistently, to acceptable numbers.

As it relates to vaccination roll-outs, collectively, those should be expanded to far more locations; drive-through vaccination sites should be introduced, and adequate vaccination mobile units should be put on the road, in order to cover more ground, do more vaccinations in a shorter space of time, and increase vaccination accessibility.

I also wish to commend the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica for its efforts in the vaccination acquisition and roll-out.