Fri | Oct 15, 2021

Readers’ reactions – Outrage as Floyd Green, councillor toast at party to no-movement day

Published:Thursday | September 16, 2021 | 12:06 AM

There has been outrage on social media over a video that has emerged showing Floyd Green and Jamaica Labour Party councillor for the Mona division in the KSAMC, Andrew Bellamy, at a hotel celebration toasting to a COVID-19 no-movement day. Green resigned as the agriculture minister yesterday. Here are the responses from The Gleaner’s social media pages:


Simple fix they can check the hotel records to see if they all have a reservation span across the no-movement day. Assuming that they all happened to be at the hotel on that day.

– @wabamonsta

Well I guess this video with the minister/councillor will be announced as a dinner already arranged at a hotel with a client to garner future investment before the restrictions were set; right! No-movement day is a celebration for the few with money

– @clasixmarco

Hmmm. Now I know where to go next no-movement day. Apparently COVID can’t spread in Jamaican hotels.

– @noremacvsta


This makes a mockery of the Cabinet and its decisions, more so by a senior member and undermines the Government’s moral authority and its effort to fight #COVID19. It’s an affront to the sensibilities of John Public who bears the brunt of these necessary protocols #vulgardisplay

– Dennis Meadows

Double standards … lock down the poor, take away their freedom because they’re not fortunate enough to celebrate a birthday party at a hotel like you ppl. And if poor ppl should host a similar event at their home there goes the police who want to arrest them for illegal gatherings etc. SMH!!!!!

– Jayden Williams

Polls indicate the country’s very pleased with the performance of the government & Brogad, so why not celebrate?

– Asha Abrahams

Why so many people behaving like they don’t expect this from them.

– Vincent B George Bryan

This is outrageous! What kind of nonsense is that. Animal Farm again. All men are equal but some are more equal than others.

– Benjamin Waysome


N u say a d corner shop man dem a spread COVID, can I get a wow

– ableboss_official

I am fully vaccinated, I am pro-vaccine and I follow the COVID-containment measures. BUT, after this video, do not expect me or any Jamaican to take this government seriously. Embarrassing.

– bromfield___

Compiled by Sandena James

I am the one who went to the corner shop to buy the little jill of oil and for that I am sorry – _.flame___

I keep telling y’all.. Jamaica isn’t for middle class or lower class Jamaicans – only for upper class and foreigners, clearly. – coffiee.c

An oppressed nation is an angry nation – _ket.c

But yet them a tell we to wear mask and stay in! Government, government, we cah breath tek u foot out a wi neck! – kingbayley_

If the prime minister ever announce another weekend of no movement it’s going to result in terrible repercussions, even the blind can see it coming. – thecertifiedqueendomina

- Compiled by Sandena James