Sun | Oct 17, 2021

Readers’ reactions – Connected parties to board, staff profit in nutrition products spending spree, auditor general finds

Published:Thursday | September 23, 2021 | 12:08 AM

The auditor general has urged the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information to immediately call for full disclosure of all existing contractual and transactional arrangements with connected parties at Nutrition Products Limited. Here are some readers’ reactions via The Gleaner’s social media pages:


Over the past year we have seen scandal after scandal, almshouse after almshouse revealed at the Ministry of Education. All involving waste & misuse of millions of dollars. At what point are we going to effect change in the leadership & management? Clearly they are found wanting.

– @Zemi66

Corruption. When will @jlpjamaica ministers stop taking from the piggy? Our children are suffering and yet they find time to steal and give them friends. Not even the teachers a get pay.

– @Lovesavage123

Where is the condemnation on this but if you should post anything & say @AndrewHolnessJM and the gov’t not doing this or that they quick to stick on u like ants. This is the biggest problem the country have, no wonder politicians continue to behave the way they behave.

– @rasford_d


Now you tell me how is the JLP any different from the PNP? Corruption after corruption using taxpayers money to feed their family, friends and loyalists. All now Ruel Reid can’t go trial for stealing millions from our kids in the Ministry of Education.

– Blade Brown

Pamela should be fired because there are a lot of irregularities found at her department too, and she should have picked the beam out of her eye first.

– Jo Black

The Cs of my country corruption, COVID, crime, cost of living and classism. Another nine-day wonder SMH.

– Denise Adams

Wow, another feeding tree using taxpayers money. So will any funds be recovered, due to the chairmanship of this “John Doe’s” betrayal of trust, duty and responsibility? Hmmm

– John Wood

Who remember when we use to get milk in a box with bun or bulla at school?? Even cherry milk, in the 80s and 90s.

– Nadine Wallace

So Monroe Ellis brought all of this fireworks to only conclude in end that nothing was done illegally because there is nothing in law that prohibits those transactions?! I don’t get you at all … .

– Howen Tucker


I’ve lost faith in these audit processes. Nobody ever gets disciplined, pays back money, lose their job or goes to prison. #OneBigJoke – cuznzcovers

That’s why all those nasty tasting things were sent to schools.. Kids never want it because it taste like crap KMT If you tell them to collect it for lunch face make up.. Skimp on the ingredients for profits.. Typical Jamaica. – au_some_mom_

How is this news. Only who live in a cave don’t know the MO of the Jamaican government in all its entities regardless of which political party is directing them. – kingbayley_

If the prime minister ever announce another weekend of no movement it’s going to result in terrible repercussions, even the blind can see it coming. – thecertifiedqueendomina

We need to know where in the bulls and pink milk they doing with the needy kids money! These ppl are some wicked sets, robbing what belongs to poor people. – _monicapowel

This is Jamaica, a country built firmly on corruption. Don’t tell me the government has no idea of what’s been going on there. Let’s see how this unfolds. @andrewholnessjm – willryanwilson

– Compiled by Sandena James