Sun | Oct 2, 2022

Remove dark tints from vehicles to help fight crime

Published:Friday | November 26, 2021 | 8:26 AM


The blatant killings that are taking place across Jamaica these days are appalling, to say the least. Criminals seems to have the upper hand because they are able to move freely and undetected among us.

Some time ago a move was made to remove tints from public passenger vehicles. This was discontinued amid objections from those affected. This was a wrong move, removal of dark tints should not have been discontinued at all. In fact, I would like to see that initiative not only revisited, but broaden to include all motor vehicles across the island.

A move like this would surely restrict the free movement of criminals, and the police, when conducting routine checks and traffic stops, would feel more comfortable to be able to see clearly the occupants of a motor vehicle.

My vehicles have always been tinted and I do enjoy the privacy that comes with that. However, I would be willing to make the sacrifice and remove my tint if this crime-fighting procedure is implemented. We should all be held accountable for playing our part in rescuing our beloved country from these meandering criminals.

It’s time we all step up.