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Provide insurance and better training for security guards

Published:Monday | December 6, 2021 | 12:06 AM


I read an article in The Gleaner of December 3, titled ‘Legal clinic for sportsmen’ and thought it was very interesting and feasible.

It attracted my attention because a few days ago in a discussion with a friend about the recent killing of another security guard, we broached upon a similar suggestion. We thought a comprehensive insurance scheme should be put in place for the welfare of security guards. They are surviving on meagre wages, have families to support, and they are working on the frontline.

The insurance coverage should be for:

– Legal service

– Medical service

– Loss of life benefits

I also support a suggestion mentioned months ago in regards to a previous incident where armed guards were shot during a robbery, that training for guards should be in collaboration with the security forces. They would be better trained and equipped, and would know how to deal with any adverse situation they are faced with.

My friend, a former Jamaica Constabulary Force firearms trainer, agrees with me. He said that quick action saves lives – he was able to save his own when pounced upon by two attackers. Though retired, he was able to defend himself – his training saved his life.


Bloomfield, Connecticut