Wed | Jan 19, 2022

Readers’ Feedback | Thank you for the new hours, PM

Published:Thursday | December 9, 2021 | 12:07 AM

I hope our people will not take disadvantage of the likkle freedom because COVID still a keep. - @JasonForsythe5

Now me can open my corner shop till 10 pm, good. People whey mek them living selling alcoholic beverages can make some sales, not bad. - @Beverle00901996

No Mr MP... don’t like the changes. - @Blessinger72

Somebody needs to ask what’s the difference if he allows an all-nighter rather than a 1:00 am curfew. - @noremacvsta

Feel like is a trap. Feel like u plan to let us suffer January. But on Christmas Eve I’m gonna chant YOLO. Grand marketing like I’m a high school pickney. No care like me on election parade ... Speaking of election, this feel like election motive - @kaye.wright.37

Fool him trying to take us for. Then no hospital for unvaxx. - @kaye.wright.37

Then the cases spikes and no school January. - @channacabbage

Election soon call or sumn? - @_sagittariuskxng_russian_dvo_

We are so damaged we deven know weh fi think bout this. - @secrets_promises

Andrew mi nae plan fi leff mi yawddd but yuh gimmi a vibes. - @tameika_876

Somebody check pan Anju and see if a really him do this. - @samantha_sash

Fourth wave coming I staying inside. - @kayonvaz

And BOOM January morning corona spike and school cancel again. - @sexymaxalex

Aii Andrew u deserve a cup a soup. -

Don’t understand this curfew hours. - @joneskeleene

Out a road me say! If a even half a night. - @traviidon

So does this mean fireworks at waterfront or me pushing my luck? - @angel_petal

Road mi seh, mi going out clothes dem mus tight but mi still going out. - @princesssashiej

COVID must run its course why are we still doing these lockdowns? - @kybalion_dat

If me love me prime minister one more time. - @claudia.roberts.3323

The violent crime problem is more important than this political COVID curfew. The Jamaican people are paying attention to the government and I think they are getting sick and tired of it now. - @inked_jamaican

One thing bout Jamaicans dem a go complain whether it lock or it open. - @mmikewilzon

As time goes by I realise this curfew thing just nuh make no sense. - @selfmade_trenz

Unuh cuss when him free us up and unuh cuss when him lock us down, they can’t lock us down forever because at the end of the day it boils down to personal responsibility. - @moyaiguess

This sounds more like breeding measures for corona. - @ronaldo_brown

More combo parties? - @madman_courtz

Will it be like summer all over again? Or like everybody “if a dirt, a dirt” - @the.jerk.sauce

All wah gwaan with or without this we would a still outside. - @__jaheem.yzt

Jesus did heal the sick, feed the hungry, raise the dead and give hope to the hopeless and dem still crucify him! Caan neva please everybody, u just have to do what u have to do! Give thanks PM. - @nickeygodbless