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Letter of the Day | Kay Osborne failed to discredit Kamina Johnson Smith

Published:Friday | July 1, 2022 | 12:06 AM
Kamina Johnson Smith
Kamina Johnson Smith


Is it extremely disappointing that after being the first Jamaican to announce her candidature for the Commonwealth secretary-general, Kamina Johnson Smith is being chastised by Kay Osborne, a fellow woman, moreover a human rights activist, for her marginal loss. Receiving 24 out of 27 votes is far from a “fiasco”.

We know that the Commonwealth is historically connected to Great Britain, but making it seem like Kamina was a “pawn’’ for PM Boris Johnson is frankly rude, inappropriate, and accusatory. Her comments such as “bucky-massa” is just provoking. Why is it that every time Jamaica forms an alliance with another nation, it is viewed as us being “used’’ or “bought”? Jamaicans have accused the Government, no matter which party is in power, of being too close to United States, too close to Venezuela or too close to China.

We have to realise some things here that are factual. This is the first time Jamaica is participating in an international campaign. Even though Kamina didn’t win, she did very well. Her involvement in this campaign allowed her to make new relationships and the improve existing bilateral relationships. She was also able to introduce forward-thinking ideas about the significance of climate finance and resilience, faster action in assisting with the recovery from the pandemic and more.

Ms Osborne, what would you have said if Jamaica won? Many times, certain Jamaicans tend to spew hateful remarks if something doesn’t go in their favour. However, doing this over an honest attempt to develop Jamaica’s international relations seems nonsensical. Furthermore, why are you speaking for all “thoughtful” Jamaicans?

Please don’t speak for me and the many other thoughtful Jamaicans that applaud Kamina’s performance. She would have made an excellent secretary-general of the Commonwealth. I look forward to seeing great things from her as she has done a marvellous job as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

Blessings Kamina.