Sat | Dec 2, 2023

Letter of the Day | Enough is enough, implement capital punishment

Published:Saturday | July 2, 2022 | 12:06 AM


As a patriot, I have had my fill, and I know for a fact that other patriotic Jamaicans feel the same. This is the point at which we have to put formalities aside and approach our crime problem from a realistic and a much more practical perspective. It is quite evident that the enacted measures involving counselling, and other reform and preventative procedures, are not working.

The existing punishment system under Jamaican laws is definitely not serving as an effective deterrent. It is almost as if there is no regard in the minds of criminal elements for the punishment that awaits them in the event that they are caught and subsequently held accountable for their misdemeanours. This is an appeal to our policymakers, to the leaders of our country, as well as the relevant bodies who are in charge of reform. The time has come for us to reintroduce the death penalty!

With each passing day, we are witnessing more barbarism across the island. Communities and parishes that were even once peaceful are now in bloodshed. Murders, rapes, and other criminal activities seem to have become the order of the day in these areas. Criminals seem to be unrelenting in their quest for blood, and, as such, we have to adapt to our new reality as a nation.

For the existing humanitarian groups and executive bodies, need to have a consensus with the operative governing bodies. It is quite evident that we need stronger deterrents in an attempt to at least combat the explosive crime problem that we are currently facing. These bodies need to be on board with the implementation of the absolutely necessary enactment of the death penalty. Often, once the issue is brought up, there is always opposition from these humanitarian groups which usually, in turn, stop the progress of any further deliberation on the matter. The time has come where there should be a shared consensus on this matter of topical interest, as we need a change to combat this current issue before it completely destroys Jamaica.

If an individual feels as though he has the authority of wielding power to directly murder up to five individuals in cold blood, with absolutely no regard as to whether they are children or adults, then it is also befitting that such an individual be relieved of his right to continue enjoying the sanctity of life. It is an absolute need that we take these situations at face value. Notwithstanding that Jamaica is a Christian society, the Christian Bible also outrightly states that we should all do unto others as we would like them to do unto us.

As time passes, our crime situation worsens. By each tick of the clock, someone, be it an innocent man trying to earn an honest living, or a strong woman who has decided to leave an abusive relationship, or even an innocent child, is brutally murdered. The perpetrators, if eventually caught, spend little time behind bars, after which often they are even contributors to the ever-rising recidivism rate.

We need different strategies! The death penalty needs to be enacted. This is an appeal to our leaders and governing authorities to salvage what we can, while we can, and save Jamaica. Jamaica needs to retain its honour as the pearl of the Caribbean. This is a call to enact the death penalty.


Mandeville, Manchester