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Readers’ reactions – Riverton City dump to be closed

Published:Monday | August 8, 2022 | 12:07 AM

“Sir, the garbage collectors in my area come once every three or four weeks. So wid the dump close waaa go happen? weh fi mi rubbish a go go?” – @DjOMARi

“Let’s all support this move without the politics and criticisms. Let’s not sit on the sidelines and say, ‘kick di ball’. Let’s get involved with workable ... ideas for the prime minister’s consideration. Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for Jamaica.” – @light_qodes

“It is about time. The residents of Riverton have always deserved better. Provide them with safe, affordable houses and sustainable means of surviving. Make it worth their while. Now, where will the garbage go, Mr Prime Minister?” – @DonnaHaylesPhD

“This means absolutely nothing without a clear plan already in place. They have every right to keep that plan private, but the first question is, with what, and where, will it be replaced with? – @TomAllenL

“I wanna see what plans they are hoping to put forward.” – @chia876

“Jamaica has so many unsustainable practices, and Riverton is one of them. I’m sure the Gov’t will replace it with a modern waste-to-energy disposal site. Anything less must be rejected. This is a good move for the environment.” – @NekoliJA

“What’s next you may ask? Selling the area for building development? The writing has been on the wall for a while.” - @Zander07570481

“Again, don’t be fooled by what they say. Watch what they do.” – @__abioye_

“I hope the plan isn’t for a new dump site, but for a facility where waste is sorted and converted to energy, etc. Jamaica is too small a place to continue to have ‘landfills’. Let us get the overseas experts involved and change the game for good!” – @nlivingston62

“Now this is [a] big move. I just hope that the new site will not allow the similar housing set-up to exist around the new site. If this happens, it would be a waste of resources.” – @101Austind

“The residents that live and make a living from the dump will revolt. Hope there will be a plan in place to relocate them and help provide opportunities to take care of themselves.” – @EStarr777

“I hope they reforest the area for at least a few decades before developing it. Let the earth heal.” – @CandieceKnight

“Gotta figure out how to handle uncollected garbage and trash dumped in the gullies while you’re at it, Boss.” – @LauraJeanPH

“I remember, few years ago, they were talking about privatising it. Which was a good idea. Maybe (hopefully) the new dump will be the privatised one.” – @FoxWiIl

“If they close it, they can put the new parliament building down there. That would give a boost to the area.” – @RealDuttyMan

“Yes. Please @AndrewHolnessJM, consider turning a section of the dump into a public garden similar to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. [Jamaica] Desperately needs spaces like these.” – @AdvocateAndria

“That’s a good move. However, the dump will still exist after the closure and will require a lot of rehabilitation work. I hope we do more recycling at the new site they chose. We don’t want to move the Riverton problem to a new area. – @RoostersWorldja

Responses sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter page. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel