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Readers’ reactions

Published:Monday | August 15, 2022 | 12:06 AM

More than 90 per cent of Jamaicans have little or no faith in national security minister and police commissioner


“We have low confidence in the other ministers, too ... from both parties, but yea.”

– @shay_divine321

“No confidence? The word is ‘respect’. Government-paid under performers.”

– @ss.deen

“... and for good reason. Jamaica should have a public, no-confidence vote for these underperforming Government ppl.”

– @patriciadelo8

“More than 99 per cent u mean! Them remind me a when yo have prefect and sub-prefect whe nuh bizniz ‘bout the class. Bear ramp we a ramp inna the class ya now, caz da crime rate no mek no sense.”

– @shawnousinthecity

“Clear example, look at the handling of the Donna-Lee’s case; poorly handle by the police and it’s a public case. Imagine the cases we are not seeing.”

– @qualitysteelbyhugh


“Jamaica is the only country I see that doesn’t hold their leaders accountable. In other countries they would have to step down; instead, we make excuses. They are not in the position to be idolised, they are there to work for the ppl.”

– @Nicky Excellence

“Why should we put our confidence in a minister of security? The Bible says put not your confidence in man. What can the minister do about crime? Think say man can solve these problems. Gwaan put unuh trust ina prime minister n the rest of politicians dem. Jamaica gonna be a good place to live, work n raise children ... vision 20 whenever.”

– @Kerry Ann Foster

“Defenders ... it’s not like we expected them to magically sweep away all crime. But good God, crime has gotten far worse under their stewardship. What exactly are you people defending? Madness.” – @Niko VF

“And clearly something needs to happen, and fast, too; this country cannot continue in this state. It needs cleaning up, and we need to start with these puppets. They need to go. We need a protest asking them to step down. The police department needs a powerful hosing down from top to bottom. We need a better and safer Jamaica, and none of these ministers has come up any plans to solve the crime and giving families justice, we’ve had enough.”

– @Princess Jasmine

“And so shall it be until people understand that crime-fighting begins with good parenting. By the time government gets involved into crime prevention, it’s too late. For a society to be ‘crime-free’, good morals and principles must be inculcated into children by their parents in the formative years.”

– @Vivienne Hanchard

“It’s full time other options are considered, things are getting worse under the present minister of national security and the present commissioner. At least try other options and see if the crime situation improves. Remember, people’s lives are at stake here.”

– @David Lewis

Compiled by Kashauna Atkins