Fri | Sep 29, 2023

Power-hungry politicians

Published:Wednesday | November 23, 2022 | 12:15 AM


“Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Lord Acton, the English historian.

Simply put, a person’s morality weakens as their level of power rises, and they stop thinking about what is best for the people.

At the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) 79th annual conference on Sunday, Member of Parliament Juliet Holness made an argument that for Jamaica to transform and the problems left behind by the opposition People’s National Party to be resolved, the ruling party must hold power for at least 20 years.

Such a remark gives the impression that the goal is for Jamaica to become a communist nation. Is the goal genuinely to revolutionise Jamaica, or is it to obtain control of the people through victimisation or coercion?

I have no doubt that oppression will follow thereafter if this ever becomes a reality. Is it necessary for one political party to rule a nation for such a long time before significant changes are made?

Jamaicans, I’m sure, are sick of hearing each political party lay the blame at the other’s feet. Instead of assigning blame, political leaders should just concentrate on the needs of the nation.

Also, I long for the day when politics will be about advancing our country and its citizens rather than acquiring power for the powerful.

I believe that no government or ruling party should hold office for more than two terms. Once in office, make it your priority to improve the nation and help the people as much as you can. Create a strategic plan and put it into action to lower crime and the unemployment rate. Boost the minimum wage and make housing more affordable.

Maintaining power indefinitely shouldn’t be the main goal.