Sat | Mar 25, 2023

No regard for Bull Bay residents

Published:Wednesday | January 25, 2023 | 12:46 AM


We, the residents of Bull Bay, specifically Bay View, Camrose and Wicky Wacky, are writing to express our disgust at the means by which the road realignment is being done.

The lack of dust control is causing untold stress from the constant clouds of dust that cover everything and is an irritant to eyes. The dust finds its way into everything. It is likely that the contractor is required to mitigate the dust as a part of their general conditions of the contract.

In addition to the dust, the road surfaces are littered with potholes, and material for the road base extend into the driving road surface, matters that impact the safety for all road users.

No provision has been made for pedestrians who live in the areas between Camrose and Harbour View, so pedestrians are exposed to traffic and the ever present dust.

I should be surprised but unfortunately, I’m not, since this is Jamaica and the ordinary citizen is subject to the least in terms of safety or convenience.

We the citizens of Bull Bay are struggling every day from the crass treatment of the citizens in our community by the contractor/government employer from the construction of this roadway project.

It might also be unfortunate that the people who we elected are nowhere in sight to speak on behalf of us to ensure that we have safe places to live and work. It makes no sense to me that the “government people” complain about road deaths, yet this disaster that passes for infrastructure works is going on, endangering the lives of the residents, causes illness, and damage cars. Are they not bright enough to make the connections between the lack of government oversight for the road conditions and the high road fatalities?

Unfortunately, the likely solution to getting attention to address these issues is to take the contractor or their employer to court to force them to implement their contract obligations. This is the unfortunate reality that most Jamaicans face with representatives who do not represent the people who elected them to serve, and the stress levels caused by the disturbing way the country’s projects are managed.


It will be interesting to see if the construction contract contains any clause in its general conditions to require the works be carried out in a safe manner, and if not, then the contractor’s employer, the government of Jamaica, is liable for its failure to ensure that the works do not harm the lives or livelihoods of the residents, or those passing through the community.

It seems that in addition to the absolute lack of planning by the government and enforcement of contract conditions, or consultation with the residents of the area, the Government of Jamaica cares only for its large campaign contributors and rich and powerful business people.

We the people are fed up with the juvenile governance presented by both political parties, and hope that we will find the will to come together to elect persons who will be responsive to our conditions, and who live in our community.