Thu | Jun 8, 2023

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Published:Tuesday | February 7, 2023 | 12:40 AM

Kabaka Pyramid wins Grammy for Best Reggae Album

“Congratulations to @Kabakapyramid on winning this year’s #Grammy for Best Reggae Album. I’d also like to send a big congrats to all the other nominees. All amazing musical ambassadors for our island.”

– @MarkJGolding

“Fully overjoyed for the recipient of the Reggae Award 202! Salute Kabaka!”

– @renaeXL

“Would have been happy for any authentic Jamaican act to win, but I’m very proud of Kabaka Pyramid. Had to double-check if he was doing anything local. Dancehall is on a downward spiral. Roots always up.”

– @AgyapongRushell

“Wait. What! Am so, so, so, so happy for him, he made me fall in love with reggae again. Utterly deserved.”

– @atamba_ian

“Bwoy, did want Protoje [to] win, but I [am] kl knowing that Kabaka cop it, he was also deserving. Nuff respect.”

– @joseph876byJa

“Wow! An actual win by a conscious and authentic artiste!? #ReggaeMusic.”

– @melafela

“Dem man yah tough like steel, but Jamaica music scene nah let him in, so the man kick over international scene.”

– @star_kutt

“Here I was, doubting that he would win, but Jah has proven me wrong. Super, super happy that an underdog won the award.”


“The scream! So well-deserving!”

– @nikkiblossoms

“Love this for him! I saw his tweet earlier this week about flying out with his mom ennuh, this is so great!”

– @movieswithmoya

This award always introduces me to someone new. Well done, yardie! Will stream.”

– @joaplum

“As a trying yute, I’m genuinely happy. I remember them trying from how long, and now they’ve made it.”

– @_JonXIV

“This is also a win for me. I’ve watched this lyrical genius’ journey, absolutely amazing!!!”

– @sherrybloss_om

“I called this! Grateful is on my gratitude playlist, and I’ve been playing it multiple times a day for months.”

– @pop_locked

“A magnificent album with greatness all over it!”

– @gavinmyaz

Reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Instagram and Twitter pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel